[VIDEO] The “Official Reason” For Kim Jong Un’s Shocking New Look is Laughably Absurd

[VIDEO] The “Official Reason” For Kim Jong Un’s Shocking New Look is Laughably Absurd

There’s been a lot of rumors floating around about Kim Jong Un’s health.


At one point, credible rumors were floating around that he had died.

There’s been talk about the dictator catching COVID and Jong Un having a bad heart that supposedly resulted in emergency surgery.

But after seeing him in his latest speech, I think he had gastric bypass surgery.

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He looks like a totally new man after his massive weight loss, but the regime’s reason for that weight loss is utterly absurd.

Western Journal reported that North Korean officials have already offered up an explanation for their leader’s svelte look, according to The Telegraph. It’s apparently because this third-generation dictator whose starving citizens have long lived in abject poverty is now eating less “for the sake of the country.”

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Right. He doesn’t care enough to respect his populace’s most basic human rights, but he does care enough to exercise a bit of portion control out of solidarity with the people suffering under his leadership.


We are, of course, expected to believe that Kim’s slim-down has nothing to do with his health, as has been the case since this summer.

You can watch the video below:

Jong used to weigh over 300 pounds. Back in August, South Korean intelligence reported he had lost about 44 pounds.

But by the looks of him now, he’s lost a heck of a lot more since last Summer.


I guess he gave up all the French cheese he loves so much.

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