Kirstie Alley Puts a Very Spooky Spin On Recent Anti-Vax Mandate Protests…Liberals Better Listen Up

Kirstie Alley Puts a Very Spooky Spin On Recent Anti-Vax Mandate Protests…Liberals Better Listen Up

On Sunday, there was an anti-vax mandate protest in DC and tens of thousands of patriots came out to voice their concern over these unconstitutional mandates and vax passes.


It was an amazing event.

Take a look:

But it wasn’t just in the US, there were protests all over the world on Sunday.

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And conservative actress Kirstie Allie had a very curious – even “spooky” spin on what’s happening, and I thought it was very interesting, and also very true.

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Kirstie supports the anti-vax mandate protests, not just because of the “cause” at hand, but because it’s vital to our freedom.

And what she says next, is what really struck me, and what liberals should be very careful of…

She said, “These mandates can and will be used against us in the future.”


She’s right. This situation right now is bigger than this situation right now – if that makes any sense.

And what that means is these mandates are setting a precedent for what they can impose down the line, under different circumstances, by anyone, from either side of the aisle.

It’s a can of worms that should never be opened because of the damage it will bring about down the road – something even worse than what we’re seeing now.

Here’s what she said: “TODAY many countries around the world having mass protests against MANDATORY vaccinations and impossible ways of life. I support them .. this is vital to our freedoms. VAXed or not you should see that THESE mandates can and WILL be used against us in the future. (PS, love u)”

It’s like a Pandora’s Box, you open it, and you unleash “God knows what” into the atmosphere.”

And I don’t think the left thinks about that – they don’t think their weapons could ever be turned around and used against them.


But they should think about it – because with every single crazy, commie move they make, they ensure a leader even “scarier” than Trump will come along… and when that happens, all bets will be off. Trump will look like a pussycat in comparison.

So, now is the time to reign in the crazy, for everyone’s best interest.

And I think Kristie made a good and powerful point.

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