People Have Serious Questions About Two Trump Tweets Twitter Deleted On January 6th 

People Have Serious Questions About Two Trump Tweets Twitter Deleted On January 6th 

We all remember the day President Trump was suspended from Twitter and “canceled” off of social media.


They erased him with the press of a button… or they thought they did, anyway.

It was a shocking and disturbing moment, a stain on our country, and the left’s last desperate power move to keep President Trump quiet about the 2020 election.

That’s what all of this has been about right? Keeping President Trump quiet about what happened on Election Day 2020. And everything since that fateful day, including the January 6th event, has been all about 2020 as well.

They want us to believe that a bumbling banana brains fool, who’s been in politics his entire life and has done nothing but lined his own pockets, and a who hardly “campaigned,” was so impactful, and such a beacon of hope, that 81-million people flooded the polls, err, I mean the mailboxes, and legally voted for him.

Do you believe that story? Do you believe Joe Biden, the man who’s been a laughingstock his entire career, created a movement more powerful than Obama and Trump did from the safety of his basement?

It’s laughably insulting.

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Anyway, here we are, and yesterday was the anniversary of January 6th, and the Dems, right on cue, treated it like a 9/11 ceremony. I was waiting for them to read the names aloud of all the lawmakers who were within 100 miles of the Capitol that day. The entire day was absurd, and it was capped off with a candlelight vigil that was so cringeworthy, I STILL feel the heebee jeebees 12 hours after watching it.

But one interesting thing came from yesterday’s sideshow… someone dug up two of President Trump’s tweets that Twitter removed on January 6, 2021.

Remember, they locked President Trump’s account on January 6th, and deleted it a few days later.


Now, as we look a bit closer and with much clearer eyes, many have questions why those two particular tweets were deleted on January 6th.


Here are comments from folks online:

“Because him saying that didn’t fit the planned narrative of the day.” 

“Trump didn’t know it, but he was walking into a trap, and tweets like this would only get in the way, later on” 

“Every one of our representatives should be presenting this in Congressional hearings.”

“Why aren’t these tweets exhibit A at this sham January 6th committee? I think we all know why…” 

“They did this because all of it was a set up and they wanted to make it seem like he incited a riot” 

“They didn’t want his supporters sharing those tweets online, so they got rid of them, and then carried on with their plans” 

“I probably liked those tweets, yet I totally forgot about them until now. That’s the power of just erasing something. It works” 

“They impeached him for inciting a riot, they knew it wouldn’t stick, but they wanted the PR that came with it. Tweets like this wouldn’t have helped them.” 

“My biggest question is, who gave the order to delete them? Somebody did and my bet is that his name rhymes with Ohama” 

“Really goes to show what a well-coordinated set-up this was. They left no detail undone” 

“Sheesh, I forgot about these tweets. I guess their plan worked” 

It’s true, it’s very powerful to “memory hole” information.

The media does it all the time. It’s a trick they use to control the narrative.

Look what they did with the Waukesha parade killing. Nobody talks about it, and soon, most people will forget that it ever happened, and that’s when the left and media can swoop in and re-write the script to read exactly how they want it to.


That was their plan with Trump. Erase anything he said that urged calm and peace, and re-write the story like a 9/11 tragedy, and paint Trump as one of the “pilots.”

That’s why they did it.

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