[VIDEO] Latino Truck Driver Rages at “Filthy Communist Dems” Over Supply Chain “This Didn’t Happen With Trump!”

[VIDEO] Latino Truck Driver Rages at “Filthy Communist Dems” Over Supply Chain “This Didn’t Happen With Trump!”

This is the most righteous rant of 2022. And yes, I know we’re not very far into the New Year, but it’s THAT good.


This pissed-off Latino trucker has had enough of the dirty, communist Democrats and their failed policies… Namely the supply chain mess.

It’s gotten so bad that store shelves are bare, and the products that we need are getting harder and harder to find.

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And this man has had enough, and he knows exactly what’s going on, and what the Dems are plotting to do.

He’s accusing “communist Democrats” of doing all they can to make America into the next Cuba.

According to a Spanish-to-English translation, he said that the filthy pigs (Dems) have ruined everything. He said voters need to get over any feelings about President Trump’s sometimes abrasive personality and just vote for him or someone like him in 2024 because Trump’s policies worked.

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Amen, sir!


PR specialist Giancarlo Sopo posted the rant. Here’s what he said: “Latino truck driver rails against Biden and the Democrats over product shortages: “What these filthy communist Democrats are doing to this country is a piece of s***! Vote them out!””

I told you it was a good rant. I wasn’t lying, was I?

That’s righteous anger, and we all need to have a lot of it while we battle these commies.

Here’s what folks online are saying:

“Best Rant of 2022 So Far…”

“Amen hallelujah open your fucking eyes and ears people!!”

“Like I said before, Latinos are sick and tired of the hypocritical and double standard Dems. There’s a Latino red wave coming! #Latinos4GOP”

“He’s not wrong. It’s a sad state of affairs in this country right now. Before you know it, we’ll all be eating government cheese. 😕”

“Well said, all liberals must be defeated, communists must be run out of this country.”

“Could absolutely not have said it better myself. Let this patriot’s righteous rage be your inspiration in 2022!”

“I had to visit three different stores just to find my cat’s food. He is right; this is how it starts. #VoteThemAllOut2022 #RedWave2022 #2022Goals”

I will say, every time I go to the grocery store now, I’m looking at empty shelves and low inventory and it’s getting really old.


I am sick of shopping in a store that looks like it belongs in North Korea. It wasn’t this bad when we were locked down with COVID at the start of this mess, so what the heck is going on now, JOE??

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