Rep Boebert Shared “Scary Thought” About Joe That’ll Put The Fear of God Into Every American

Rep Boebert Shared “Scary Thought” About Joe That’ll Put The Fear of God Into Every American

During Joe Biden’s recent disastrous press conference, Newsmax WH correspondent James Rosen dropped a nuke on Biden and everyone in the media when he asked Biden what he thought about a new Politico poll that found 49 percent of Americans do not think he’s mentally fit to hold office.


Personally, I think that number is WAY TOO LOW, but regardless, it still caught Biden off guard.


Notice his response… Joe does not know what the American people think or feel, and even if he knew, I don’t think he could really process it.

And that’s where Rep. Boebert comes in.

She put out a tweet that really hits home and plays into the concerns that Americans have over Biden’s mental fitness – something the media, Dems, and even most Republicans are outright ignoring at this point.

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Lauren points out the very “scary thought” about Joe Biden’s performance on the world stage – the disaster that we see unfolding every day is actually Joe at his absolute best.

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This is Joe shining as bright as he possibly can. It’s him at his “camera-ready” best, and that’s the performance that has caused nearly 50 percent of Americans (I say it’s more than that) to believe he’s unfit for office.

That’s astonishing when you really think about it in those terms.


And as Lauren says, just imagine what Biden is like when those cameras aren’t rolling…

If we’re seeing him at his very best, what he’s like at his worst?

That really a SCARY thought.

Here’s what Lauren said: “Here’s a scary thought. When they show us Joe Biden, they’re showing him at his absolute best. Imagine what he’s like when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

I have said this all along – I believe nothing is hurting Biden more than Biden.

Yes, his policies are terrible, and he’s made many dangerous flubs. But the one running theme in all of this is Joe’s malfunctioning brain.


Team Biden can switch policies and fire people to try to “re-set” Joe’s disastrous White House, but one thing they can’t change is Joe’s mental fitness.

No matter how many trips to Delaware Joe takes to do “god knows what,” he will still be a feeble, confused old man, and the American people will never accept him as a strong and capable leader.

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