1983: Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate…In 2001 Clinton Let Them Out Of Prison — At Nadler’s Request

1983: Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate…In 2001 Clinton Let Them Out Of Prison — At Nadler’s Request

While the left wields January 6th as a day of political torture against their enemies, I want to remind you of something that happened back in 1983.


Left-wing terrorists bombed the Senate and Jerry Nadler convinced accused rapist Bill Clinton to pardon terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who planted a bomb right outside the US chamber, hoping to assassinate Republican Senators.

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J. Michael Waller, a defense analyst wrote a tweet about it.

One bomb went off near KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd’s office, and they placed the other at the Republican senators’ cloakroom.

“Some readers cite material that says the bomb went off near Senate Democrat Leader Robert Byrd’s office, which is true, but omits the fact that the bomb set near the Republican senators’ cloakroom. Here’s a 1983 Washington Post article for verification.”

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Here’s the backstory:


Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg each served 16 years of lengthy sentences, with Rosenberg escaping 42 years of a 58-year sentence and Evans cutting short a 40-year sentence by 24 years.

The FBI landed formal indictments on Evans and Rosenberg in the 1988 “Resistance Conspiracy” case for their involvement in the bombing of the Capitol along with five others. Evans and Rosenberg had already been in police custody for other crimes of the radical left-wing terror group May 19th Communist Organization (M19), named for the birthdays of Malcolm X and Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. According to a historical chronology of the left-wing group by the Smithsonian Magazine, M19 also carried out successful bombings of an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, the South African consulate in New York, and D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard.

“The attacks tended to follow a similar pattern,” the magazine reported. “A warning call to clear the area, an explosion, a pre-recorded message to media railing against U.S. imperialism or the war machine under various organizational aliases (never using the name M19).”

Rosenberg is now a prominent left-wing activist, who, early last summer sat on the board of Thousand Currents which poured $10 million into causes for social justice including Black Lives Matter, according to Fox News.

So, Rosenberg is STILL a domestic terrorist to this day. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, right?

On his final day in office, Jan. 20, 2001, Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of a pair of radical leftists serving time for bombing the U.S. Capitol building, thanks to Jerry Nadler.

So BOMBING the senate is forgivable, but walking around *looking at stuff* isn’t?

The Federalist reports that according to the New York Post in 2001, New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who today serves as the House Judiciary Committee chairman, played a “crucial role” in Clinton’s decision to commute Rosenberg’s sentence. Nadler’s rabbi, a Nadler spokesman at the time told the Post, gave “compelling information from [Rosenberg’s] parole hearing” to the Manhattan congressman, who, in turn, passed on the material to the White House counsel’s office. That transfer, the Post reported, played a “key role” in the president’s decision to include Rosenberg on his list of 140 last-minute pardons just moments before George W. Bush took the White House.


Please remember this as you watch shameless communist Democrats come unglued today over Nancy Pelosi’s podium being stolen.

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