[VIDEO] Police Turned Trump Supporters Away, MILES From The Rally, Because Too Many Cars Were Backed Up

[VIDEO] Police Turned Trump Supporters Away, MILES From The Rally, Because Too Many Cars Were Backed Up

Last night President Trump held a barn-burner rally in Arizona.


One of the funniest things was how leading up to the rally, the New York Times was printing “empty seats” images as if Trump could no longer draw a crowd. I don’t know why the media does this – they’ve been doing it for six dang years now, and it always backfires in their faces.

Ironically, the AZ rally was SO HUGE that the line of cars to get in stretched 25 miles long.

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It was so long, and so backed up, that many people who were in the line for hours were told they had to turn back.

The biggest venue in that area was already full, and couldn’t hold any more people.

Good job, New York Times… idiots. 

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And that’s what happened to this Trump supporter, Shane Vaughn, who posted a Facebook Live video, telling everyone what happened and showing a line of people in cars still on the road.


You can watch the video below:

I guess the New York Times missed all this, huh?

Maybe they should send a reporter to be “on the scene” so they can try to get something right for once in their miserable lives.

Our media is just so vengeful and phony. All they want to do is see Trump fail… and while they’re doing this, they have the biggest failure ever, occupying The White House – a loser they helped install.


The irony is very rich, isn’t it?

H/T 100 Percent Fed Up

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