[VIDEO] Liz Cheney Hatched a New Plan to Stop Trump And She’s On TV Peddling It Right Now

[VIDEO] Liz Cheney Hatched a New Plan to Stop Trump And She’s On TV Peddling It Right Now

Liz Cheney knows she’s on borrowed time and she knows the base hates her.


She’s like a kamikaze right now, flying her plane into any target she thinks will cause a lot of damage.

And of course, the NEOCON warmonger has turned to her communist pals to help complete her mission.

It’s a win/win for Team Evil. 

The Dems get to claim their January 6th witchhunt is “bipartisan” because Cheney masquerades as a “Republican” and Cheney gets lots of PR and Sunday morning talk shows.

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And Cheney just came up with a new plan to take down President Trump and she made her rounds on those talk shows to peddle her new plot.

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Cheney went on CBS News “Face The Nation,” where she declared that President Trump can never be allowed to win back the Oval Office, and if he does, she says the country will collapse.

I guess Liz is living under a rock, unable to see the current collapse…

The co-chair of the Democrat-run sham Jan. 6 Committee claimed President Trump is “at war with the rule of law.”

Host Margaret Brenner asked Cheney, “You’ve raised in the past the possibility of criminal culpability for the president. Is that the consensus view of the committee?”

And here was Liz’s response:


 “Look, the committee is obviously going to follow the facts wherever they lead. We’ve made tremendous progress. We have had now- if you just think about, for example, what we know now about what the former president was doing on the 6th while the attack was underway. The committee has firsthand testimony that President Trump was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office, watching on television as the Capitol was assaulted as the violence occurred. We know that that is clearly a supreme dereliction of duty. One of the things that the committee is looking at from the perspective of our legislative purpose is whether we need enhanced penalties for that kind of dereliction of duty. But we’ve certainly seen nothing like that as a nation before.”

You can watch the video below:

Nobody is working harder than establishment RINOs to stop President Trump. They tried in 2016 and failed, and so they’re pushing even harder for 2024.

I want you to keep an eye out for Dan Crenshaw and any potential moves he might make.


There’s a credible “swamp” rumor that he’s working with Cheney behind the scenes to stop President Trump.

This makes sense; as Crenshaw has always been a closet NeverTrumper.

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