Liz Cheney Gives Republican Voters The Most Absurd “Ultimatum” And it Backfires Right In Her Face

Liz Cheney Gives Republican Voters The Most Absurd “Ultimatum” And it Backfires Right In Her Face

I regret to inform you that Liz Cheney is at it again… The unpopular neocon harpy is still beating her Anti-Trump drum, and surprise, surprise, the GOP “leader” Kevin McCarthy is doing NOTHING about it.


Liz Cheney has a new lease on life, thanks to Nancy Pelosi giving her the co-chair position on the Jan 6th sham committee. Now, she’s back on TV, spouting all her TDS garbage with impunity.

Sure, it’s easy to get mad at Liz, but the real person you should be mad at is Kevin McCarthy. He could’ve put an end to this, but he didn’t, and you need to ask yourself why.

I’ll tell you why – Kevin McCarthy is not “America First.” He’s not on our side, and as long as he’s in any position of “leadership” we will never win. Period and end of story. Having McCarthy lead us is the equivalent of having Paul Ryan as our “America First” ambassador. It’s absolutely insane, yet, so many Republicans are willing to give him another chance, even after he continues to prove he can’t be trusted.

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McCarthy allows Cheney to bash Trump and his voters and then says nothing when a popular America First congresswoman is silenced by big tech.

And he does this because he likes hearing what Cheney says, and doesn’t like hearing what Marjorie Taylor Greene says.

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It’s that simple.

And TDS Liz is really saying a lot right now.

Her latest move is issuing an “ultimatum” to Republican voters.

Liz appeared on CBS and said we all have a choice to make – it’s either Trump or the Constitution. We can’t have both, according to warmonger Liz.

Well, you can imagine the blowback that Liz faced for that comment… but one person who said NOTHING about it, was Kevin McCarthy.


Here’s what Liz said: “The Republican Party has to make a choice. We can either be loyal to our Constitution or loyal to Donald Trump, but we cannot be both.”

Here are some responses from folks online:

“You are a disgrace to the party.. you do not represent us. Can’t wait til you’re out.. war mongering t*at !”

“This is the trash we need to vote out,This trash needs to go, She is one of the lowest scumbags in Washington”

There is a third option. Don’t listen to lyin liz. It’s our party, not hers! #votelizout

“Bite us, Liz.”

“Apparently Cheney has never read the Constitution. But we knew that. The Republican Party does not take orders from traitors like Liz Cheney. Nor do Americans. Don’t let the door hit you in the a**”

“Liz, darling, the Republican Party has already chosen.”

“Given that you’re down 40 polling points, I’d say the Republican Party HAS made a choice.”

“SWITCH PARTIES ALREADY! You are nothing but a RINO!”

“Girlfriend, they made their choice a long time ago, time to face the facts.”

“What a nitwit. She just told millions of people who support Trump they are not loyal to our constitution. There needs to be an IQ test to run for congress. We can’t have idiots making our decisions.”

“They made their choice when they kicked you out but you out here acting like a deranged ex girlfriend that can’t move on. We about to get a restraining order against you. Go be the corrupt democrat you truly are” 

“You are NOT a republican. You have no idea what it means to be one. Since you are a RINO please switch parties!”

“Liz you are delusional and treasonous just like your father. It’s not surprising that you’re a DM because your dad was in bed with H. Clinton on Uranium One and yes, he was in fact a war criminal. How much dirty laundry do you have? What does H. Clinton have on you?”

“The heiress to a war profiteer fortune is in no position to lecture anyone about the Constitution.”

“You’re a traitor, not “loyal to our constitution””

“YOU are so blinded by your hatred of Trump, YOU are totally incapable of following the Constitution/Bill of Rights. 70+ million of us see that, & we ARE Still LOYAL To TRUMP AND The CONSTITUTION – but NONE of us are loyal to YOU!!”

“Trump clearly broke her.”

It’s clear that the base despises Liz, she’s a desperate fool with Stage 5 TDS who is losing her marbles in real-time.


But this woman is trailing by 40 points in her House race, so I implore you to ignore her and put the focus where it belongs… on Kevin McCarthy, who is approving and peddling Liz’s hateful anti-Trump message with his silence.

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