People Comment On Lloyd Austin’s Elaborate COVID Face Mask After He Tests Positive for the Virus

People Comment On Lloyd Austin’s Elaborate COVID Face Mask After He Tests Positive for the Virus

It seems like so many vaccinated people are catching COVID right now. Every time I turn around another vaccinated person has tested positive.


Not that long ago Joe Biden – the biggest spreader of misinformation – told the world that if they took the COVID vaccine, they wouldn’t catch COVID.

Now, we’re watching as all these double and even triple-vaccinated people test positive. Just more confusing, incorrect messaging from senile Joe.

The good news is that most of them will be just fine. Not only does COVID have a 99.8 survival in healthy and even semi-healthy people, but it’s also pretty mild in most people regardless of your “status.”

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I should know, I’ve had it more than once, and I am not vaccinated… The first time I got it, I was pretty sick for a while, but after that, when I caught it again, it was a breeze.

But what really has many people talking now, is the latest big-name person to catch COVID.

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It’s Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Lloyd Austin.

Not only was Lloyd vaccinated, but he was also infamous for wearing some really impressive “face gear.”

So, imagine the shock people had when they heard he – of all people – caught COVID.

Really makes you wonder if what we’ve done all along has worked, right?

What’s the definition if insanity?

And speaking of insane, look at this mask Lloyd is wearing.

I mean, that’s quite an impressive face armor, isn’t it? He’s worn contraptions like that a couple of times when he was overseas.

It’s definitely a dystopian and over-the-top look… and then to actually catch COVID, is a bit… well, bizarre.


Here’s what folk online are saying:

“He looks like a character out of Spaceballs.”

“Darth Vader got COVID”

“But this idiots is firing our unvaxxed soldiers!

“Another vaccine fool bites the dust..”

“The Russians infected him. This means war!”

“I hate to laugh at someone’s calamity but jeez he’s making it hard”

“He should take booster 4,5,6 all together to see if it helps”

“I guess that HUGE mask did not work to well for you, Sir”

”maybe he can give that useless mask to the Taliban, he gave them everything else”

“I wish him a quick recovery and let him resign his post immediately. Do the right thing.”

“But… but…the vaccine?….I’m so confused”

We’re all feeling very confused about what’s going on with COVID.

We were told by Joe Biden that he was going to “beat” the VIRUS… instead, it’s gotten way worse.


So, what’s going on?

And why is Joe firing unvaccinated Americans from their jobs if vaccinated people are catching and spreading the virus?

None of this makes any sense.

We wish Secretary Austin well; I am sure he’ll be just fine, like most people who catch this virus are.

And hopefully, when he recovers he can sit down with frail Joe and rethink this absurd mandate.

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