[VIDEO] One Man Uses a Simple “Doorway” to Brilliantly Explain What’s Happened to Society

[VIDEO] One Man Uses a Simple “Doorway” to Brilliantly Explain What’s Happened to Society

This clever 30-second video went viral because it’s so brilliant and true.


One reason this country is so divided is that we’re all so different.

Sometimes that can be great, and inspire a lot of amazing things, and I am sure there’s some of that now, but overall, not so much.

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We’re all so different and coming at issues from such wildly different points of view, that it’s like some of us are living on earth, and others are off orbiting mars.

Maybe it’s environment-related, with kids growing up now in these “woke” schools and being raised on social media, but there’s a HUGE disconnect between generations.

And not just Boomers vs Gen X vs Millennials vs Zoomers – just a decade nowadays can make a massive difference in how you think, feel, and deal with situations.

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And keeping that in mind, one really clever guy created a 30-second video that highlights exactly that – the difference between people born in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.


But the best part is that he used a simple doorway to make his point.

Sounds weird, right? Yeah, I know. Just watch it, and it’ll all make perfect sense.

You can watch the video below:

I went through and read the comments on the tweet and Millennials and Zoomers were really offended by this clip and blamed Boomers and Gen X for raising them the wrong way.

Gen X thought the clip was really cool and wished they could hop on their Big Wheel and go for a ride.


I think the comments support this guy’s “doorway experiment” perfectly.

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