[VIDEO] Marco Rubio Just Gave The Speech of His Life On The Senate Floor, It Might Bring You to Tears

[VIDEO] Marco Rubio Just Gave The Speech of His Life On The Senate Floor, It Might Bring You to Tears

I will tell you this much, I have been very hard on Marco Rubio. I think he’s made a lot of missteps along the way, and while he rode in on the Tea Party bandwagon, he shifted over to the establishment side of the party rather quickly and lost his way.


With that said, I am cautiously optimistic that he may have found his way back home.

I am not someone who puts a lot of credit into politician’s words; I prefer actions.

But what I just watched Marco Rubio say on the Senate floor profoundly moved me.

I started out watching this 7-minute clip thinking I’d turn it off about 23-seconds in, but that didn’t happen.

I watched the entire thing.

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And after watching it all, I have to tell you, Marco Rubio just gave the speech of his life.

And if this is a sign of the path Marco is now taking with his political career, we’re in for a good fight against the left.

I want you to watch this – all of it, please, it’s moving, powerful, raw, and every word is true.

I think the one thing that really impressed me, is how he didn’t hide from January 6th. He went at it, full-throttle, something many in the Republican Party won’t do.

And while I know we’re all sick of the speeches and words, I want you to give this a chance; I think it will move you, the same way it moved me, and I think, if you’ve been suspicious or critical of Marco, you’ll see him in a different light.



Now, what we need to do is make sure that Marco takes those very powerful words he spoke and puts them into even more powerful actions.


Let’s encourage him to be a louder voice on the issues that matter to us, because we need warriors right now, more than ever.

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