Mayor Pete Tries to Take a “Victory Lap” Over Supply Chain Mess, and It Blows Up in His Smug Face

Mayor Pete Tries to Take a “Victory Lap” Over Supply Chain Mess, and It Blows Up in His Smug Face

Mayor Pete finally finished his 7-month maternity vacation and took a stroll down to the LA Port and looked at the mess he made.


However, Pete didn’t see a “mess.”


Pete thinks everything is great, and he turned the event into a PR stunt and a victory lap, claiming it’s a “beautiful day” and workers are getting things done!!!!

Uh, no, they’re not, Pete.

Everything is not great, and our store shelves look like something out of a hellish North Korea history book.

Here’s what’s really going on, while Pete’s taking PR photos:

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So, it would seem the problem is still raging on, without getting better. AT ALL.

As a matter of fact, just before Mayor Pete’s visit, National Review reported there were 105 ships waiting for berths at Los Angeles and Long Beach, and that’s the highest number ever.

And Mayor Pete is taking a victory lap.

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Look at his stupid tweet, filled with “selfies” and backed-up shipping containers in the background.

Could this guy be more out of touch?

And trust me, Americans let him have it with both barrels:


Many posted pictures of their grocery store shelves:

The rest just ripped him a new one:

“Hey dumbass there are a RECORD NUMBER OF SHIPS waiting offshore. Go back on maternity leave you loser.”

“Dude, you were joking right? The cargo ships behind you were circling (motionlessly) like planes over La Guardia. What saved Christmas was the abundance of crap already in the warehouses. GEESH #PackedPortsPete”

“Taking a victory lap when the crisis is at his height. #BareShelfBiden Great job Pete, you are apparently on meth at this point.”

“So is there a plan or are you just going for another one of your photo ops?”

“U saved Christmas? Lol! I think you we’re home for three months on maternity Leave, still trying to figure out where the baby came out of?”

“Proven unqualified for the job remove HIM from office”

“Hey Pete, looks like you’re making BACKWARDS progress – fix this issue”

“Unprecedented?? You have all been asleep? What did you expect after a major shutdown of the country?”

“Our shelves are bare and you are still employed, why?”

These elites are shameless.


They think that most of America is as gullible and low-info as their voting base is.

And clearly, by this reaction here, that’s just not the case.

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