Biden Twin? - McConnell: Black People Vote At Similar Rates to ‘Americans’

Biden Twin? - McConnell: Black People Vote At Similar Rates to ‘Americans’

As a disclaimer, I’d want to point out that there are racists on both sides. I’m not going to label Mitch McConnell a racist, and I’m not going to justify his comments either, since I have no idea what’s really going on in his head. I believe that the politicians we now have are elderly and out of touch, and some of them or at least most of them reveal their true selves via their speeches.

In remarks made just before the GOP rejected a federal elections law, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell drew fire for asserting that “African American” voters cast votes at a rate comparable to that of “Americans,” which drew widespread condemnation.

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His comments came at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday, when he was questioned about the fears that people of color had about voting rights in the country.

When it comes to voting, African American people participate in just as large a proportion of elections as Americans, according to McConnell. “The anxiety is unwarranted,” he said.

The remark indicated that Black voters were somehow less American than white voters, reinforcing the fears of voting rights activists who believe that Republicans in state legislatures around the nation are actively working to disenfranchise Black voters via legislative action. The timing was especially noteworthy, since it occurred on the same day that McConnell staged a filibuster to prevent passage of voting legislation, which Democrats and civil rights advocates believe is critical to safeguarding democracy in the United States.

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“I have continually referred to the record-high turnout for all voters in the 2020 election, including African Americans,” McConnell said in a follow-up statement on Thursday.

Returning to his native state of Kentucky, Democratic senatorial candidate Charles Booker said on Twitter, “Being Black does not make you less of an American, no matter what this craven guy believes.” Booker, a Black politician, unsuccessfully fought for McConnell’s seat in 2020 and is now taking on Republican Sen. Rand Paul this year in a rematch.

McConnell’s defenders blasted the move as an unjust criticism, claiming that he merely missed out a word and intended to emphasize that Black people vote at a rate comparable to “all” other Americans. Black voters actually cast votes at about the same rate as all other voters, putting them in the middle of the distribution between Latinos, who are less likely to vote than African Americans, and whites, who are more likely to vote than African Americans.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, white voters turned out at greater percentages than black voters in the presidential elections of 2016 and 2020. According to the census, 71 percent of eligible white voters cast a ballot in the 2020 election, compared to 63 percent of eligible African Americans who did so. In 2016, white voters made up 65 percent of the electorate, compared to 60 percent of African-American votes.

Scott Jennings, a former advisor to President George W. Bush who has deep links to McConnell, called the senator’s critics’ assaults on him “crazy.” Jennings is a personal friend of McConnell’s.

“McConnell was explicitly emphasizing that African American voting rates are identical to the whole electorate as a whole, in order to highlight how simple and fair our voting system is for everyone,” he said.

Ky. Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who happens to be Black, also rushed to McConnell’s defense, calling the “fake indignation” over the senator’s statements “absurd.” Cameron is also a member of the Democratic Party. Cameron, a Republican, formerly worked as McConnell’s legal counsel. Furthermore, Cameron said that McConnell was “attempting to make the case that Black voting rates are comparable to those of the general population.”

Cameron’s remarks are called political expediency. They are from the same state and he can’t look good taking down one of his own, which is why this country is in the shape it is currently.

On Wednesday, two Democratic senators joined all 50 Republican senators in refusing to modify Senate rules in order to break the Republican filibuster. Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, both Democrats, were unable to convince holdouts to amend Senate rules on that measure, allowing it to be advanced with a simple majority vote.

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According to Sadiqa Reynolds, president and chief executive officer of the Louisville Urban League in Kentucky, McConnell’s statements were especially disappointing to hear after the Senate’s failure to pass the voting legislation.

I contend it was misspeak but as I stated earlier in the article, I don’t know his heart and it flowed off his lips with ease so he must have been thinking it.

As a result of McConnell’s and other senators’ refusal to support the measure, Reynolds, who is Black, said that African Americans were “still not viewed as Americans deserving of having our voice heard at the voting box.”



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