[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Actor Michael Rapaport Watches in Horror as His “Woke Polices” Unfold at His Rite Aid

[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Actor Michael Rapaport Watches in Horror as His “Woke Polices” Unfold at His Rite Aid

It’s always fun to watch liberals see their crappy policies come to life right before their eyes, and allow them to see how truly messed up and wrong they are.


I don’t think that happens very often, because most of the people pushing for things like “Defund the police” live in highfalutin areas, with gates, private security, and constant police patrol.

But every once in a while, a liberal sees how dangerous and wrong their policies are in “real-time,” and it’s a huge bonus when that moment is captured on video for all of us to enjoy.

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And that’s exactly what happened to anti-Trump lunatic Michael Rapaport, who you’ll recall got “famous” for his foam-at-the-mouth video clips trashing President Trump.

Michael was shopping at his local NYC Rite Aid when he witnessed a crime unfolding right before his eyes.

He flipped on his camera, and we get to hear his shock and horror as he watches a young man, literally walk through the store, loading up two HUGE BAGS filled with “stuff” and just saunter out, without paying, like no big deal.

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Michael can’t believe what he’s seeing – he can’t believe this is happening… even after he and all his liberal buddies have been glorifying criminals thanks to BLM, trashing cops, and equating “civil rights” with hoodlums.


You can watch the video below:

Needless to say, many folks had some choice words for Mr. Rapaport:

“Did he just wake up? Why is he so surprised? What did he expect? That’s exactly what he voted for. Welcome to Joe Biden’s lawlessness in America.”

“Remember when you were railing against Trump and voting for Biden? Not sure why you’re shocked?”

“That dope voted for this.”

“Rapaport has been one of the loudest and most obnoxious celebrity activists for the type of policies that turned New York and other cities into complete shitholes.”

“Hey Mike, you get what you vote for, you idiot” 

“Surely these giant corporations have something to say about massive losses at their big-city locations, right? Or is this the cost of being WOKE??”

“Michael knows his political affiliations line right up w/ the people who make the policies that allow this to happen”

“Mike, you could have tried to stop him, why didn’t you?” 

“Michael stood there filming the crime like a typical liberal Beta male.”

Not a lot of sympathy out there for Michael, and there shouldn’t be.

It is people like him who have pushed for these types of woke policies to happen, so it’s only fair that they have to live with them.


Enjoy, because it’s only going to get worse for you.

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