Calling All Patriots: Liberals Just Made Their Biggest “Cancel” Move Against Mike Lindell… He Needs Us NOW

Calling All Patriots: Liberals Just Made Their Biggest “Cancel” Move Against Mike Lindell… He Needs Us NOW

The most canceled man in America, next to President Trump, is patriot and American success story Mike Lindell.


The left has used every weapon in their arsenal to destroy Mike, and yet, he keeps fighting.

When I think of Mike’s battle against the left, this is the image that always comes to my mind.

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In the audio below are the conversations with MyPillow and the bank. This is just nuts!


An entire army of communists coming at him full-throttle, and he’s standing there with a sword, ready to battle.

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But Mike isn’t alone. We’re all standing there behind him, and today, he needs us more than ever.

Because that army of communists just unleashed their biggest hit against him.


The left is trying to make sure Mike can’t survive by canceling his bank account.

They’re “de-banking” him.

Mike’s “My Pillow” account and several others have just been “canceled” by the Minnesota bank that served them.

This GIF of Jon Snow's rubber sword on “Game of Thrones” will ruin you for life

War Room reported that in the latest attempt to silence conservatives, Minnesota Bank and Trust has informed Mike Lindell that he has to close the bank accounts he has for Lindell Recovery Network, Frank Speech, Lindell-TV, MyStore and several other entities. Why? Because of the “reputational risk” that he supposedly brings to the bank because of his political role.

Steve Bannon is asking the “War Room” posse to politely but firmly let the bank’s officers know that they are making a mistake and that they will pay a price with lost business if they insist on de-banking Lindell.

The communists are going for the “kill shot” now, folks.


We need to step up even harder and fight for Mike, the same way he used his platform to fight for us and this country.

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