Mississippi’s “Black” State Senate Democrats Stage Walkout During Legislation Targeting CRT

Mississippi’s “Black” State Senate Democrats Stage Walkout During Legislation Targeting CRT

CRT has been banned from being taught in Mississippi public schools by the state Senate, which now goes to the House of Representatives, which has its own legislation targeted at prohibiting CRT.

When all 14 of Mississippi’s Black Democrats left the Senate chamber to protest the so-called “CRT” bill, journalist Ashton Pittman tweeted: “Senators David Blount and Hob Bryan, the only two white Democrats remaining in the chamber, voted nay.” Pittman went on to say, “It passed 32-2.”

With regard to their first-ever walkout, state senator John Horhn said: “We did it to demonstrate a public protest against these procedures.”

The Democrats say the law is unneeded, but Republicans say their people have contacted them about passing it.

Because of this, we decided not to vote for the measure. So many problems need to be addressed in our state. State Senator Derrick Simmons stated, “We didn’t need to waste time on this.”

In a statement, the measure’s sponsor, state senator Michael McLendon, said, “This law has no goal of modifying history, whatsoever.”

As McLendon pointed out, “what it says is we’re not teaching any youngster they’re inferior or superior to another.”

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It has been previously stated by Republican Governor Tate Reeves that he wants CRT outlawed from being taught in public schools in his state.



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