MSNBC Anchor Leaves Network Because He’s Done With “Hyper-Partisan” Political News

MSNBC Anchor Leaves Network Because He’s Done With “Hyper-Partisan” Political News

Everybody’s getting sick of the fake news, even the anchors that work there.


One, in particular, has had enough.

Kendis Gibson has been a weekend anchor at MSNBC since 2019, and today he’s calling it quits because he says he’s tired of working in a ‘hyper-partisan” political environment.

He’s actually leaving to go work at a local CBS Miami station.

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So, he left national news – which many consider the “big time,” to go back “down” to local news.

In reality, he’s making the right move.

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The Hill reported that a former weekend anchor on MSNBC knocked what he saw as the “hyper-partisan” business of cable news on his way out the door.

Kendis Gibson, who hosted a weekend news show on the network beginning in 2019, is taking a new job with CBS News in Miami to work as a morning news co-anchor at its local affiliate there.

“I wanted to get away from working in the hyper-partisan 24/7 political news space,” he told Variety on Tuesday. “This is a good chance to anchor a newscast that covers the full gamut of the news cycle which I love, including world news, entertainment news, human interest stories, and stories important to local communities — and in an awesome city with a big commitment to local news from the top down.”


Before joining MSNBC, Gibson had been an anchor at ABC News since 2014, where he anchored programs like “World News Now” and “America This Morning,” Variety noted.

Good for Kendis for speaking out about “why” he was leaving.

It would have been really easy for him to just walk away and keep his mouth shut.


But he told the truth and exposed what we already know about the partisan fake news – but it’s good to put it out there in the light of day as much as possible.

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