Trump Supporter Figured Out EXACTLY Who Pelosi Looks Likes, And Once You See It, You Can’t UNSEE It

Trump Supporter Figured Out EXACTLY Who Pelosi Looks Likes, And Once You See It, You Can’t UNSEE It

We’ve seen a lot of funny Pelosi memes, right?


I spend so much time online; I know I’ve seen a lot, and they’re always good for a laugh… But I think I’ve finally found the best one.

Or the one that makes the most sense, anyway.

Nancy’s been taking a big hit after she appeared on CBS “Face The Nation” and her eyebrows were crawling halfway up her scalp.

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Seriously, it looks like they’re trying to escape her face.


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It kinda looks like they’re gonna just fly away…


So, poor ol’ Nance, who recently took a hard stumble at Harry Reid’s funeral, and nearly fell, just can’t catch a break lately.

Actually, she almost caught a “break” when she nearly fell.

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I like to think its karma paying Pelosi back for being an evil communist and trying to destroy the country.

But mainly, I think it’s a combination of the aftermath of President Trump, who broke Pelosi into a million pieces and she never recovered, and her old age.

She’s gone senile, if you ask me.

The woman is 80-years-old, and she, like Joe Biden, should be at home, under a warm blanket, sipping warm milk, not running Congress.

I am not sure why we’re allowing these nursing home patients, who we wouldn’t trust to babysit our pets, to make life-altering decisions for us and our families.

But here we are…

And speaking of where we are, one brilliant Trump supporter who goes by the handle “iL Donaldo Trumpo,” has come up with the mother of all Pelosi memes.

He’s figured out who Pelosi looks like, and I think once you see this, you’ll never be able to “UNSEE” it…

Well, he may have had a little help from Tucker…


Either way, it’s that GOOD and that BAD, all rolled into one…


I present to you, Pelosi Jackson:

I will say this much, Nancy Pelosi as “Michael Jackson” is an upgrade. Her eyebrows look MUCH better.

Here are comments from folks online:

“I’ve always thought that she looked like Michael Jackson, and even tweeted about it a while back…. She’s a dead ringer!!!! lol”

“LOL I love this, but MJ was a legend loved by so many… Pee-LOSS-Y is a hateful drunken crazy thing”

“I loved Michael, but this resemblence is uncanny LOL” 

“This is an insult to MJ! LOL” 

“I see it now! and I don’t think I’ll ever UNSEE IT” 

Heee hee #MJVibez

“This is the best Pelosi meme, ever” 

“Well well…. same plastic surgeon.”

“Nancy Pelosi new face lift is a thriller” 

“took it a minute to register. It is kinda scary so likeness”

“Unholy Crap don’t look too long at that nip n Tug face I Swear those Evil eyes move!!”

“This was a good laugh, thank you1!!”


Well, one thing is for certain, Nancy Pelosi is definitely a criminal, but not a “smooth criminal.”

Ba dum bum *CHING*

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