NASCAR Just Made Their Official Move Against “Let’s Go Brandon” Driver

NASCAR Just Made Their Official Move Against “Let’s Go Brandon” Driver

We knew it was only a matter of time before “WOKE NASCAR” went after the “Let’s Go Brandon” driver, Brandon Brown.


It all started when Brown announced he was finally embracing the “Let’s Go Brandon” moniker. He said that a new Crypto Currency named after the phenomenon, called “LGBcoin” would be his new sponsor.

As far as the NASCAR fan base goes, it was a smart move by Mr. Brown. NASCAR fans are traditionally Trump supporters and Joe Biden-haters, so it only makes sense to embrace the nationwide phenomena.

But NASCAR, who’s more concerned about being “progressively woke,” doesn’t feel the same way.

After reportedly giving the “OKAY” on the deal behind the scenes, NASCAR officials are now singing a different tune.

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Daily Wire reported that NASCAR is now reviewing a deal made last week between driver Brandon Brown and cryptocurrency meme coin named after him, LGBcoin, which stands for the viral meme Let’s Go Brandon. “According to Max Marcucci, a spokesperson for Brown’s team, NASCAR gave the team written approval on the sponsorship and paint scheme late last year and said the team went through the usual sponsorship approval process,” CNN reported. “Marcucci said NASCAR called following the announcement and acknowledged to the team that it had received approval and ‘apologized for any confusion and miscommunication,’ but said that the deal “needs to be reviewed at a higher level.”

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A NASCAR spokesperson told that Brown’s team “jumped the gun” by announcing the partnership before NASCAR had a chance to review it.

Fox Business added:

In a statement provided by Marcucci, Brandonbilt Motorsports received approval on the sponsors from a NASCAR Racing Operations official on Dec. 26.


According to the statement, the approval of the partnership was “unambiguous” as an opening portion of the email from the official said “The sponsors are approved…”

The statement acknowledged that the NASCAR official offered feedback on a minor graphic design change “to ensure legibility on the track at 170mph.”

“We will continue to work with NASCAR and look forward to resolving this matter and clearing the air as soon as possible,” the statement read.

I am certain that NASCAR will get a ton of political pressure to make sure “LGB” is not on Brandon Brown’s car.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if The White House stepped in and tried to stop it.


That’s how desperate Biden is to stop the hemorrhaging.

Let’s see if NASCAR caves or not.

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