New York, Florida Continue “Record COVID Cases”; Texas Gov Asks For Federal Help

New York, Florida Continue “Record COVID Cases”; Texas Gov Asks For Federal Help

According to Fox News, the number of new COVID-19 cases in recent days has reached record highs in both New York and Florida, while the number of cases is surging throughout the country.

Saturday saw New York beat the state’s previous record of 85,476 cases, which was established only a few days before. The increase in instances coincided with a spike in the number of tests performed.

This is the fourth time in seven days that Florida has smashed its record, which has pushed the 7-day average up to 42,600 – twice as much as this previous summer’s spike attributable to the delta version of the disease.

When it comes to reporting figures, Florida generally does it on Fridays, but the CDC receives daily data from the state, which is where the fresh numbers came from. There will be no new phone numbers accessible until after the New Year’s holiday since the Florida Department of Health will be closed.

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Coronavirus testing centers, extra medical staff, and monoclonal antibody therapies were sought by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) as the quickly spreading omicron form causes an upsurge in cases and hospitalizations.

COVID-19 detection and prevention are important in our battle against this virus, Abbott said in a statement on Friday, according to the CDC.

In light of the rising positive rates and hospitalizations in Bexar, Cameron, Dallas Harris, Hidalgo, and Tarrant counties, Abbott requested more testing locations. According to Johns Hopkins University, Harris County has the fifth-most confirmed cases nationwide as of December 31.

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After winning in court against Biden administration efforts to establish mandatory mask and vaccination requirements in California’s Head Start program, Abbott, who is immunized, made the request. The Biden administration has been accused by Abbott of “pushing numerous private businesses into enforcing COVID-19 vaccination requirements” and has issued an executive order in October prohibiting vaccine mandates in Texas.

Since scientists are still working to discover the omicron variety of the coronavirus, the CDC has repeatedly advised Americans to take advantage of existing vaccinations that have been shown to protect against severe sickness and death as well as prevent its spread.

Last month, in reaction to the omicron variation, the Biden administration pledged extra financing for hospitals and the establishment of new testing locations around the nation.

One thing I need to also add to this article. I finally got it after being on the front lines of the COVID struggle from its inception. This version is significantly more infectious than its predecessors, although it’s not nearly as fatal as the previous ones. It is hoped that it will protect against long-term damage.

Mass testing by the government is intended to frighten the public. I appreciate that no extra testing is being conducted in my neighborhood. Everybody’s just going about their daily routines as if nothing had happened.

Think big government and big pharma would give up this much power and money? I don’t think they would. They’re drunk because of it. The shots haven’t worked to stop the spread of omicron infections or infections. There are still only “jabs” being talked about. It’s like Disney+ and all of the other things we pay for, too. They know how to make money, and they’re going to get as much of it as they can, no matter how safe or effective it is. People are fooled. Many think this is the biggest scam of all time, what about you?




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