Newsweek Drops Never-Before-Revealed “Game-Changing” Bomb About January 6th

Newsweek Drops Never-Before-Revealed “Game-Changing” Bomb About January 6th

There is so much talk about January 6th right now, especially since we’re close to the “anniversary.”


Dems are licking their chops, hoping this will be the second “silver bullet” that will take down President Trump – COVID being the first, in their minds.

They’re putting all their eggs in one basket, and their media cohorts are doing all they can to spin this incident into something that supposedly every American is talking about at their kitchen table.

I hate to break it to Dems, but that’s not what’s happening, no matter how many goofy polls their media lackeys put out to convince us otherwise.

Like this absurdity from ABC News.

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I don’t believe it, and when you look at the “small print” on the polling, you can see why:


Americans are not interested in these partisan attacks, especially when they were a year ago, and especially when inflation is sucking the life out of middle-class America, crime is soaring, gas prices are out of control and the country is a divided mess.

But regardless, all Dems can focus on is January 6th. They sure as hell can’t focus on their amazing record of getting anything done, can they?

And the bombshell that just came out from Newsweek should really rock them to their core.

Newsweek published a never-before-seen exclusive story on January 6th, revealing that the US Government had in place, “shadowy” commandos on the ground, January 6th.

Why is this such a big deal?


Well, how on earth did they know that something “nefarious” was going to happen on that day? I had been reporting on it for weeks, and I knew nothing was awry. I thought it was a rally with a bunch of Trump supporters, like the hundreds I have seen in the past.

And if our government knew about some violent event, why didn’t they beef up the Capitol Police and lockdown the Capitol building?

Both were left weak, and open.

If they knew something bad was coming, why didn’t they alert President Trump, and why did officers stand at the door inviting people in?

And lastly, were these “commandos” in combat gear, or plain clothes?

These questions come as many journalists and right-wing politicians are asking how much the FBI was involved in this event.

We know there were FBI informants on the ground, so what was their purpose? How many were there? Who did they connect with, and what did they do, specifically?

Were they working with these shadowy “commandos?” Sound like it, since the commandos were “staged” at FBI HQ several days before January 6th unfolded.

We know the commandos came from the Justice Dept. which was led by Jeffrey Rosen.

We know they were ready to go on January 2nd and had been staging out of the FBI Academy in Quantico.

It sure sounds to me like our government knew EXACTLY what was about to happen that day, doesn’t it?

Here’s what Newsweek said:

On Sunday, January 3, the heads of a half-dozen elite government special operations teams met in Quantico, Virginia, to go over potential threats, contingencies, and plans for the upcoming Joint Session of Congress. The meeting, and the subsequent deployment of these shadowy commandos on January 6, has never before been revealed.

Right after the New Year, Jeffrey A. Rosen, the acting Attorney General on January 6, approved implementation of long-standing contingency plans dealing with the most extreme possibilities: an attack on President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, a terrorist attack involving a weapon of mass destruction, and a declaration of measures to implement continuity of government, requiring protection and movement of presidential successors.

Rosen made a unilateral decision to take the preparatory steps to deploy Justice Department and so-called “national” forces. There was no formal request from the U.S. Capitol Police, the Secret Service, or the Metropolitan Police Department—in fact, no external request from any agency. The leadership in Justice and the FBI anticipated the worst and decided to act independently, the special operations forces lurking behind the scenes.

“I believe that DOJ [Department of Justice] reasonably prepared for contingencies ahead of January 6, understanding that there was considerable uncertainty as to how many people would arrive, who those people would be, and precisely what purposes they would pursue,” Rosen later told Congress. He stressed that his department “no frontline role with respect to crowd control,” that they were focused on “high-risk” operations.

The contingency units meeting on January 3 included the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the FBI’s national “Render Safe” team, an FBI SWAT team from the Baltimore Field Office, Special Response Teams from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the U.S. Marshals Service Special Operations Group.

All of these assets were “pre-deployed” and ready to go over the weekend of January 2-3, staging out of the FBI Academy complex in Quantico, 30 miles south of the Capitol building.

I will say this much, everyone on the “government” side of things was very prepared for something that we’ve been told was not well-planned out or organized.

This is from Reuters:

The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

So, if it wasn’t pre-planned or “organized,” how did the government know we’d need “commandos” and why was the FBI so involved?

As far as most of us knew, it was a rally, for crying out loud, and considering the size, it was mostly peaceful, to be honest.

These are the REAL questions Americans would like answers to – was January 6th a political set-up against President Trump?


Because the more info that leaks out, the more it sure looks that way.

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