Newt Reveals “Real Reason” Stacey Abrams Ditched Biden in Atlanta…And It’s Interesting

Newt Reveals “Real Reason” Stacey Abrams Ditched Biden in Atlanta…And It’s Interesting

Yesterday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris shuffled off to Atlanta, where they peddled their bill to federalize elections.


They were in Georgia, the home-state of Stacey Abrams, the self-proclaimed “voting rights” activist and the phantom governor of the state.

So, it would only stand to reason that Stacey would be there – standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Joe and Kamala – touting the GREAT BILL that will reform elections and put them in the hands of the federal government and strip states of all their rights to hold elections the way they see fit.

That would be Stacey’s dream come true.

It’s fair to note, that Joe’s bill is so unpopular, that in order to even try to pass it, he needs to do away with the filibuster – something he once said would “destroy democracy.”

But, the really curious thing about Joe’s visit to Atlanta, was that Stacey Abrams was oddly absent.

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She didn’t show up, and that was a huge red flag for everyone.

Joe’s White House realized what a bad look it was that Stacey was a no-show and quickly tried to put out the fire by saying Stacey Abrams had a “scheduling conflict.”

Nobody believed that, it sounded lame.

Most figured that Stacey wanted to avoid being seen with the most unpopular “president” in eons, and that may be true, but former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he knows the real reason Stacey steered clear, and it’s very interesting.

Bizpacreview reported on what Newt said: “I think Stacey Abrams is very smart,” he said, “I think she realizes that a photo-op next to President Biden [and] Vice President Harris hurts her. It doesn’t help her. I think she also agrees with the civil rights groups who think this thing is all phony.”

He went on to say that Democrats will never get the bill through. After all, it is the second such attempt at massive federalization of elections and no one is buying what the Democrats are selling.

Gingrich went on to explain what folly it is for the president to put so much energy into something that is so sure to fail, when he should be aiming his energy toward remedying crippling gas and food prices; the crisis at the border and supply chain issues, and all of that to say nothing of COVID testing chaos.


He said of the Biden regime, “It’s very puzzling how much they’re owned by the radicals, and keep doing theses dances that just plan fail.”

The former speaker said that it’s easy to observe how the Left continues to adopt policies that the country hates, citing the examples of New York City, where illegal immigrants were granted the right to vote in municipal elections, and the recent news out of California, where Governor Gavin Newsom is hoping to increase taxes in order to provide healthcare to every illegal immigrant who can get inside the state.

“They keep trying to dig their way deeper, not dig their way out,” Gingrich said.

Recent DC chatter backs up Newt’s claim about the bill being a “stunt” to pacify the kooks.


If Joe thinks it was hard getting Manchin to sign on to the “Build Back Better” bill, it’s going to be 100X harder to get him to agree to blowing up the entire Senate.

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