[VIDEO] Naked NFL Player Violently Attacks Sheriff’s Deputy

[VIDEO] Naked NFL Player Violently Attacks Sheriff’s Deputy

The NFL is a mess.


Maybe they should stop focusing on attacking police offers and disrespecting the National Anthem, and get their players the mental help, and anger management they need?

Another bizarre incident has unfolded involving an NFL player.

This time, the player stripped down to his Birthday suit and “violently” attacked a sheriff’s deputy.

The New York Post reported that Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested Monday in Florida on charges of beating a deputy and public exposure. Video has emerged of his arrest, in which he was completely naked.

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TMZ published video of McDowell’s arrest, which shows him writhing on the ground while handcuffed in the presence of about a half-dozen officers.

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At one point in the video, McDowell can be seen resisting his position, and an officer appears to kick him to keep him down.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, McDowell was arrested in Deerfield Beach, a town about 25 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale.

Police accused McDowell of a “violent attack” on a deputy that left the officer “dazed.” The deputy alleged McDowell “charged at me … at full speed with closed fist.”

Video obtained by The Post prior to the arrest shows McDowell walking naked down the street.

The narrator of the video says that McDowell fought with police, and then says: “He’s about to get tased right now. They tased him, bro.”


McDowell was allegedly walking naked near a student learning center, and entered the property while naked. The deputy said he used his taser and handcuffed McDowell after being charged at.

You can watch the videos below:

Nobody can figure out why this happened, and why McDowell would blow such an amazing opportunity with the NFL.

His defense attorney thinks he was “slipped” something.


“Apparently somebody may have slipped him something or given him something he was unaware of, which explains some of his bizarre behavior,” McDowell’s defense attorney said.

The Browns released a statement Tuesday regarding McDowell, who was under contract for just one season, saying they were looking into the arrest.

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