[VIDEO] NFL Star Player Quits In Middle Of Game; Coach Responds: “He Is No Longer A Buc”

[VIDEO] NFL Star Player Quits In Middle Of Game; Coach Responds: “He Is No Longer A Buc”

After throwing a tablet to the ground in his anger tantrum a few of weeks ago, we thought Tom Brady’s breakdown was awful, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown recently had a meltdown for the ages on the field.

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing the New York Jets in the third quarter of their game, Brown pulled off his jersey and ran topless across the field and into the locker room, presumably removing himself from the game. It’s unclear what triggered Brown’s outburst, but teammate Mike Evans looked to be trying to calm the divisive wide receiver down before the wide receiver started stripping.

Evans’ attempts to mediate a peaceful resolution were futile, as Brown started tossing some of his gear into the stands and waving to the audience as he made his way to the locker room.

Despite the fact that this was just Brown’s second game after returning from a more than two-month hiatus, he was already on thin ice with the Buccaneers going into Sunday afternoon. This season, the wide receiver was dealing with an ankle issue, but he also earned a three-week ban from the NFL for misrepresenting his immunization status in a preseason interview. During training camp, Brown is alleged to have used a forged vaccination card.

Following his return to the club last week, Brown launched a tirade against the media, accusing journalists of attempting to stir up controversy around him. Against the Jets on Sunday afternoon, though, Brown supplied the media with everything they needed when the wide receiver made his own drama by pulling his jersey off and seeming to abandon his team.

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