Nicolas Cage Buries Alec Baldwin With This Humdinger of a Statement

Nicolas Cage Buries Alec Baldwin With This Humdinger of a Statement

If Alec thought his shooting scandal was going away, he was wrong.


Not only are authorities still investigating him, but his peers in Hollywood are still chiming in on what happened.

And the latest celeb to speak out is a blockbuster legend.

Daily Wire reported that a fellow Hollywood actor is weighing in on the Alec Baldwin gun safety debacle.

A-lister Nicolas Cage has taken part in plenty of movies over the course of his decades-long career and has learned how to safely handle props. While he didn’t fully blame Baldwin for the tragedy on the set of the movie “Rust,” the “Face/Off” alum did mention that it was imperative for actors to be trained in the handling of weapons.

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Cage made the remarks during a roundtable discussion with actors Peter Dinklage, Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Majors, and Simon Rex for The Hollywood Reporter this week. The group moderator brought up the “Rust” incident, which left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead and director Joel Souza injured.

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“I don’t want to cast blame anywhere, but I do think, and I’m not talking about anybody, but people don’t like the word movie star. We want to be humble actors,” Cage said in response to the prompt.


“But a movie star is a bit of a different kind of presentation because you need to know how to ride a horse,” he continued. “You need to know how to fight. You’re going to do fight scenes. You need to know how to ride a motorcycle. You need to know how to use a stick shift and drive sports cars, and you do need to know how to use a gun. You do. You need to take the time to know what the procedure is. Those are part of the job profiles.”

Alec Baldwin filmed a really raw New Year Instagram post recently, where he said he was now trying to focus on more “positive” things in his life.

I think Alec is having a realization that his negativity and dark spirt of hate and vengeance has brought a lot of this misery on.

Karma is real, folks. 


It’s just too bad an innocent woman had to die.




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