[VIDEO] Talented Guy With Omicron Sings “80s-Style” Tune About Vax and Moving to Florida

[VIDEO] Talented Guy With Omicron Sings “80s-Style” Tune About Vax and Moving to Florida

I see a lot of funny/clever videos online, but this one has to be one of my top 10 favorites.


Someone sent it to me, and as usual, I always watch these things thinking, “okay, will this really be good???” and as usual, I am delighted by how awesome it is, and then I can’t wait to package it up so you can also enjoy it.

The setup is pretty simple. Some very talented guy, with Omicron, wrote an 80s-style song to the music of that popular Billy Ocean song, “Caribbean Queen.”

Only his version is called “Omicron Queen” and it’s outstanding!

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My favorite part is how he blends in his coughing with the song, flawlessly.

I also love how he slams the vax and booster for not working, and then vows to move to Florida if they try to lock him down again.

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Trust me, it’s a lot of good stuff packed into one minute and twenty-one seconds.

I think you’ll enjoy this one.



So much is wrong with the internet, but so much is right too, I love how clever some people are.


Politics can get so dark and negative, so it’s always fun to find talented people that lighten things up a bit.

Have a good and safe Sunday, everyone!!

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