PA Court Finds State’s “Universal Mail-In Voting Act 77” Unconstitutional

PA Court Finds State’s “Universal Mail-In Voting Act 77” Unconstitutional

A big new ruling just came out of Pennsylvania, where a state court ruled that PA’s “Mail-in Voting Act 77” was unconstitutional.


Gee, that would’ve been nice to know about a year ago, right?

You may recall the TIME Magazine bombshell piece that made a lot of waves for revealing this was how they “fortified” the election — by changing the laws without actually making them a “law.”

Tricky move. 

Hard to call it “cheating” when the state’s congressional representatives implemented it, right? It looks legit and seems so “official” to people when it’s done that way.

Well, it was a good cover, as we can clearly and sadly see.

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Fox 43 reported that a statewide court says Pennsylvania’s expansive two-year-old mail-in voting law is unconstitutional, agreeing with challenges by Republicans who soured on mail-in voting after then-President Donald Trump began baselessly attacking it as rife with fraud in 2020′s campaign.

According to a Commonwealth Court filing released Friday, the court ruled that Act 77, allowing residents to vote by mail in Pennsylvania, violates Article VII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania constitution.


The Commonwealth Court denied the Pa. Department of State acting secretary’s application for summary relief.
In the ruling, Commonwealth Court President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote, “If presented to the people, a constitutional amendment to end Article VII, Section 1 requirement of in-person voting is likely to be adopted. But a constitutional amendment must be presented to the people and adopted into our fundamental law before legislation allowing no-excuse mail-in voting can be ‘placed upon our statute books.'”

Friday’s decision by a five-judge Commonwealth Court panel could be put on hold immediately by an appeal from Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration to the state Supreme Court.
The decision throws the state’s voting laws into doubt in a big election year.
The three Republican judges agreed with Republican challengers.

The two Democrats on the panel dissented.


I am sure Dems will challenge this all the way up to the state’s Supreme Court.

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