[VIDEO] Pelosi Tries Her Hand at “Standup Comedy” When She Declares House Reps Have The Most “Intellect and Integrity” 

[VIDEO] Pelosi Tries Her Hand at “Standup Comedy” When She Declares House Reps Have The Most “Intellect and Integrity” 

Nancy Pelosi looks more frail and old than ever before.


When you look at this video, you can’t help but wonder what the hell we’re doing as a country, allowing these confused, frail, elderly people to run our lives. I gotta be honest, I wouldn’t trust Pelosi, Biden, or any of these aging old-timers on either side of the aisle to housesit my pet rock, so why are they making life-altering decisions for my life?

When I started watching this clip I was fixated on Pelosi’s lip-licking habit. She seems truly out of it, and can’t keep her tongue in her mouth.

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Look, I get it, as you age certain things happen to your body, God knows I am not sitting here getting any younger, but again, she’s one of the most powerful people in the country and she can’t even control her tongue.

So, what are we doing?

And to make matters worse, Pelosi is talking like a crazy lady… or maybe she’s trying to kick off a new standup comedy routine?

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Because when Peter Doocy asked her about her caucus, she went off on a bizarre tangent saying how her House reps have the most “intellect, integrity, and imagination.”

Is Nancy smoking crack with Hunter Biden again?


Did someone forget to tell Pelosi that Eric Swalwell was on her team? Or that “great intellect” Maxine Waters, or that one guy who said Guam was going to tip over? Or how about that bug-eyed goof Adam Schiff, he’s a real “great American thinker,” right?

Good lord.


I’ll tell you what, the political elites think VERY highly of themselves, but we the people do not think highly of them… at all.

After watching this clip I am convinced of two things – Pelosi is either really drunk or really crazy, and we desperately need to have a very serious talk about term limits.

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