[VIDEO] In Just 30-Seconds, One Woman NAILS Pelosi’s Shaky Voice, Hand Gestures and Eyebrows Perfectly

[VIDEO] In Just 30-Seconds, One Woman NAILS Pelosi’s Shaky Voice, Hand Gestures and Eyebrows Perfectly

We’ve seen a lot of Pelosi imitations, but I think this one is the best.


The reason is that this lady, who goes by the online handle “Conservative Momma” nails “Pelosi” and her spastic hand gestures, shaky voice, and those cray-cray eyebrows of hers, in 30-seconds flat.

Pelosi’s latest interview has caused quite a stir.

Not because she said anything we haven’t already heard 5 zillion times from everyone on the left, but because of her eyebrows.

Yes, her eyebrows.

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Those eyebrows are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. I don’t know who is drawing those bad boys on her face, but they keep getting higher and higher. They’re half-way up her scalp at this point.

Look at this hilarious video meme from a Trump supporter:

Needless to say, Pelosi has been taking a beating online over those clown-brows, and it’s pretty funny, and well-deserved, to boot.

Conservative Momma does a great imitation. Besides those hilarious eyebrows and the insane hand movements, Pelosi’s “shaky voice” is on par.

Very well done, Madame Speaker!


You can watch the video below:

Much like Joe, Pelosi has become the punchline of her own laughable career.

She’s like a walking, talking SNL skit, and the scary part is that she’s #3 in line for the White House.

That’s the sad state of affairs our country is in right now.


But the good news is that we’re winning. We’ve flipped the “great reset” on its ear, and one by one, we’re destroying the left’s narrative and agenda.

Stay the course — keep fighting and continue mocking the elites, because it’s working.

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