Pelosi Takes a Wildly Unexpected Blow Just One Day After Announcing She’s Running Again

Pelosi Takes a Wildly Unexpected Blow Just One Day After Announcing She’s Running Again

I don’t believe for one hot second that Nancy Pelosi has any intention of serving again in Congress.


She doesn’t want to play second-fiddle to any Republican in charge.

But what I think is happening, is that Pelosi sees the fear in her own party, and all the rats jumping ship, so she’s doing whatever she can to stop the panic. And by announcing another run, she thinks she’s somehow showing her caucus of commies that she’s confident in a “victory.”

It’s complete nonsense. 

Her announcement clip is bizarre, to say the least.

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You can watch the video below:

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Well, Nancy just got some very unexpected and not-s0-good news, and it came just one day after her bizarre announcement that she’s running again.

An unexpected decision from a House Democrat just hit the fan. Another Dem has joined the 28 others and is calling it quits.

Her entire HOUSE of cards is falling down all around her.

Axios reported that Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper had more than $1 million in his campaign coffers and was well-positioned to win against a primary challenge from his left in Tennessee’s 5th congressional district.

But he said he chose two step aside after the district was redrawn into one that sprawls across six counties. Analysts say the new district voted for President Trump by more than 9 points in 2020. Lawmakers signed off on the district map and sent it to Gov. Bill Lee this week for final approval.
Liberal Nashville could soon be represented by at least two, and likely three, Republicans in the House.


“Despite my strength at the polls, I could not stop the General Assembly from dismembering Nashville. No one tried harder to keep our city whole. I explored every possible way, including lawsuits, to stop the gerrymandering and to win one of the three new congressional districts that now divide Nashville.”


Now, this is where it gets dicey.

President Trump made a very questionable endorsement for this race.

He endorsed a woman who worked in his State Dept., but who is also a NeverTrumper and a history of slamming him and cozying up to the Democrats, including Joe Biden.

When he should have endorsed the pro-Trump candidate, Robby Starbuck.


So, there is some uproar online over this.

Actually, A LOT of uproar.


Let’s hope President Trump reevaluates his “endorsement” and goes with the Trumpy/America First candidate, not the establishment RINO.

And just as I was writing this, I saw something come across the internet waves from Sebastian Gorka.

Here’s what he said: “Relax Patriots. President Trump has just been updated on @robbystarbuck and how he is 101% MAGA and should be our guy in Tennessee.”

This is good news. Let’s hope we see an official statement come down the pike.

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