Sean Penn: “Men Have, in My View, Become Quite Feminized”

Sean Penn: “Men Have, in My View, Become Quite Feminized”

While liberal actor Sean Penn recently took a jab at anti-vaxxers, he also took an unexpected position against males who wear skirts, blaming “cowardly genes” for their behavior in public.

Dylan Penn, Penn’s daughter and co-star in the action picture “Flag Day,” was also in attendance for the joint interview, and the “Independent” reported that, according to the interviewer, she grew “silent” and “stared into space” as he was addressing the problem with the other guests.

Penn elaborated, saying, “I have these incredibly powerful women in my life who do not see masculinity as a symbol of oppression against them.”

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“I believe there are a lot of cowardly genes in individuals that compel them to give up their jeans and put on a skirt,” Penn said afterwards.

According to Penn, when it comes to anti-vaxxers, “Sometimes individuals see their privilege and freedom as a license to be anti-citizens, to be failed citizens.”

In his words, “those who would hunt for the type of fake research that would give them credibility (when it comes to) not getting vaccinated.” Penn argued that such people exist.

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LGBTQ activist Charlotte Clymer and other liberals, predictably, had harsh words for Penn, as she made it personal in a tweet.

“I feel sorry for Sean Penn. He won an Oscar for playing one of the most iconic queer leaders in American history, and yet, even the preparation he did for that role failed to liberate him from the prison of his own gendered insecurity. Being Sean Penn is punishment in itself,” Clymer suggested.

Be honest with yourselves: the Jaden Smiths, Pete Davidsons, and Harry Styles of the world aren’t going to alter anything. Because they’re Hollywood celebrities, and their influence doesn’t actually extend to the regular guy’s day-to-day activities. There is no way to call them a game changer if they don’t really appeal to the average person.

Leaders, strong individuals who provide for their families and make important decisions are those who identify as MEN. That’s all there is to it. You don’t like it, do you? Please do not annoy me. Find a weak guy who will do anything you want and say whatever you want. We, as men, are who we are.

Our inner feminine does not exist, and we do not have a female aspect to ourselves. No, we are not required to communicate with our female counterparts since we do not possess such a counterpart. We do not get pregnant, but when our wives, yes WIVES, not girlfriends, become pregnant, we are there for them as the supportive husbands and fathers they deserve. We are not affected by their suffering, we are not taught how to lamaze breathe, and we do all we can to assist them in being the moms they were intended to be.

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The politically correct mob has attempted and continues to attempt to feminize males, and their efforts begin in school. It’s up to us MEN to fight this battle no matter what…and guess who will come out on top? You, ladies. Rather than these pathetic excuses for a guy who attempt to be all sensitive and weak, you will be pleased to be in love with a true MAN!!! They are a source of embarrassment.

In a followup interview with The Independent published last week, the “Milk” actor sank his teeth into the divisive issue, going even farther in his criticism of males who flout gender conventions.

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