POLL: Americans Feel Pandemic Will “NEVER” End; But The Media Got Worse News!

POLL: Americans Feel Pandemic Will “NEVER” End; But The Media Got Worse News!

As Joe Biden endured a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on Thursday, a new poll from NewsNation and Decision Desk HQ found that not only do 58 percent of Americans disapprove of his job as President and 55 percent disapprove of how he has handled COVID-19, but only 10 percent believe his liberal media allies when it comes to information about the pandemic and virus, according to the poll.

Of course, this survey garnered exactly no airtime on Thursday’s evening newscasts of the major broadcast networks.


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When Marnie Hughes discussed the poll results on NewsNation: Prime, she said it highlighted the level of “[t]rust or lack thereof” in major institutions, and that “the media, unfortunately,” is “one thing that they don’t trust.” This prompted correspondent Tom Negovan to remark that he “felt] a little bit personally attacked…but that makes sense when you think about it.”

As Negovan put it, the key question (with a larger margin of error) is: Which group(s) and person(s) do Americans genuinely trust?

“Which of the following sources would you say you trust the most when it comes to information on COVID-19?” asks the survey. “Choose all that are applicable.” The error margin is around 5.8 percent. Dr. Anthony Fauci received around 30.1 percent – 30.8 percent of the vote. It is estimated that 50 percent of the funding comes from federal health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. Your doctor is considerably ahead of the pack with 63.2 percent, President Biden is 15 and a half percent ahead, and the media is way behind with 10.2 percent. To be honest, it aches a little bit, but physicians say they are having a difficult time right now as well.

It’s not “a surprise,” Negovan agreed, that if people are going to “trust someone” about their health, it’s going to be their own doctor because of the “personal connection” they have with him or her.

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During the broadcast of Morning in America on Thursday morning, White House reporter Allison Harris said that the survey “found that Americans…polled felt extremely unhappy about President Obama’s handling of influenza as well as the direction in which pandemic is heading.”

Harris’ polling found that “[m]ore than half of those questioned — 52 percent — believe that the epidemic will never be brought to a stop,” with both of Biden’s numbers on how he’s handled COVID-19 and his job overall getting closer to 60 percent (for the majority of questions).

The fact that almost half of these individuals — 48 percent — claim they know a family member or close friend who has either been hospitalized with COVID or died as a result of COVID might be a motivating factor, according to Harris.

In addition, according to the survey, almost 80 percent (or 79.8 percent) were either “somewhat” or “extremely worried” about the virus, yet that percentage jumps to 92 percent (91.9 percent) when the same question is asked regarding the degree of worry about inflation.




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