Lincoln Project Co-Founder Just Attacked Melania With One of The Lowest Blows We’ve Seen Yet

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Just Attacked Melania With One of The Lowest Blows We’ve Seen Yet

The Lincoln Project is a bizarre group of political and societal misfits.


They’re a bitter group of mentally and emotionally challenged men. And God certainly didn’t bless any of them in the “looks department.”

But the most disturbing part of this group is their obsession with all things “sexual.” From kids to degrading women; it’s a group of very hateful, predatory men.

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And they’re keeping that “reputation” intact, thanks to their Trump-hating co-founder, who just insulted Melania with one of the lowest blows we’ve seen yet: suggesting that Melania is months away from doing online porn.

And what promoted this, you might be wondering?

Well, Melania is donating items from her personal collection to help kids in foster care…

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Yes, that’s what promoted Rick Wilson to bring up porn.


Here’s what Rick Wilson said: “She’s a few months from an OnlyFans.”

Here is what people online said to Rick:

“Well, since she’s not a middle-school aged boy, we can be assured that @TheRickWilson and the rest of his @ProjectLincoln pals won’t be subscribing to it.”

“Calm down Rick…she’s not a 13 year old boy”

“Rick Wilson be like Barron OnlyFans drop when??”

“… the same Rick Wilson who worked with pedophiles and sex offenders at the Lincoln Project but ok”

“you protect pedophiles and are bathed in the blood of young men you encouraged to be sent to die in the desert”

“You mad because she’s gonna steal subscribers from your mom?”

“Could this dude be any more of a slimey POS? Of course he can, he’s part of @ProjectLincoln where protecting pedos is their motto.”

“Have you seen Rick’s wife? I’m sure he visits those sites often.”

“He’s only saying that because he thinks she is hot and wants to date her.”

“You are a disgusting schmuck.”

“She’s female and over the age of 18 so why would this even remotely pique the interest of @ProjectLincoln?”

” You’ve gotta be a truly garbage human being to even think these things, much less decide ‘that’s a good thing to tweet!'”

“I’m not the biggest fan of Melania but c’mon man. This is a poor take while throwing the identity/dignity of a woman (no matter her past) under the bus”


Rick Wilson has a wife. I wonder if he’d like it if strange men spoke about her that way? Heck, my guess would be that Rick himself probably speaks that way about hi won wife.

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