[VIDEO] Young Guy Projectile Vomits During Bizarre Local Chicago News Interview

[VIDEO] Young Guy Projectile Vomits During Bizarre Local Chicago News Interview

A young Gen Z social media influencer appeared on a local Chicago TV station for an interview about a movement he started called “Birds Aren’t Real.”


“Birds Aren’t Real” is a satirical conspiracy theory which claims that birds are actually drones operated by the United States government to spy on American citizens.

The founder of the group, 23-year-old Peter McIndoe, appeared on WGN-TV to discuss his movement that focuses on why Gen Z’ers fall for so many conspiracy theories.

Everything was going fine until he took a sip from a coffee cup and started choking, and then things really got wild, and he projectile vomited all over the place.

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“Oh my God, I’m so nervous,” McIndoe says, as he appears to choke.

The network then switches to b-roll clips of ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ supporters while McIndoe is heard in the background gagging up a storm.

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Good grief.

You can watch the video below:

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if this is real or staged?

The vomiter is standing firm that it was real, claiming his nerves just got the best of him.

Here’s what he said on an Instagram post:


“Never imagined this amount of embarrassment was possible,” the post said. “The one time the media gives us a platform to spread the truth with the public and I totally messed up. If you all don’t want me to be your spokesman after this I understand.”

“Was feeling nervous and queasy and started panicking when I felt the vomit coming up so tried to quiet my chest stuff it down with my coffee but it won the battle and there are no excuses,” he continued.

Well, real or fake, it was entertaining, I suppose. Nothing funnier than watching news people get all nervous and flustered.


Let’s hope the young guy gets his nerves under control.

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