[WATCH] Psaki Has One Job And She Doesn’t Even Want To Do That! Why The Attitude?

[WATCH] Psaki Has One Job And She Doesn’t Even Want To Do That! Why The Attitude?

After a heated confrontation with New York Post writer Steven Nelson, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki abruptly ended the conversation by informing him, “I believe we’re done!”

Psaki briefed reporters on Monday with a strict timetable in mind, which left her with just approximately 25 minutes to receive questions from reporters. Nelson, on the other hand, took three separate shots at the same issue, which concerned a Vanity Fair piece on Covid testing, as well as a follow-up inquiry regarding President Joe Biden’s visit to his house in Wilmington.

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As Nelson began, he expressed surprise that “coronavirus testing for homes before Christmas” had not been brought up more frequently in the group. Nelson then referenced a VF report from October about a “Zoom meeting with administration officials” in which a proposal to “mass distribute coronavirus tests to homes before Christmas to prevent a winter surge of COVID 19 cases” had been floated, a plan that had been rejected at the time.

Nelson sought to know “which administration officials attended the October 22nd meeting” and “was President Biden personally informed at the time on that suggestion before it was passed over?” Nelson also wanted to know “which administration officials attended the October 22nd meeting.”

“Actually, it’s possible that people haven’t inquired about it because we’ve already done a lot of the things that were addressed at that meeting a couple of months ago, such as significantly extending our testing program and capacity,” Psaki said.

“And the concern at the time, which is a very tiny portion of the dialogue, was that the market had not developed enough to allow us to launch the website we’re launching tomorrow,” Psaki said.

The Covid team members who attended, according to Psaki, “regarded it as a really fruitful discussion, which means a good meeting, a lot of which we’ve tried to implement.”

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Nelson attempted again, this time with the question, “How can President Biden shut down the virus if he isn’t, you know, informed on these ideas?” Nelson was unsuccessful. That is, after all, my question. So, I’m curious as to who the advisors were, and whether or not Biden was informed on this proposal at the time.”

Then Psaki snarked, saying, “I believe I just answered your question, to which you may not have been paying attention.” “Perhaps you were waiting to read your next question, which is great,” he said, before adding, “But I just answered your question.”

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“Please allow me to continue,” Psaki shouted over Nelson’s complaints. Please allow me to finish, Steven. “Steven, I’m almost finished.”

In his explanation, Psaki said, “What I just said to you is that we do not have the capability at the present.” “We had a really productive meeting with this group,” says the facilitator. We all agreed that we needed to increase the amount of testing we could do. We did this in order to increase our testing capacity, and the president had previously utilized the Defense Production Act to make a $3 billion investment in the program. However, the market did not have the ability at that time to perform what we are planning to do in the future.”

Nelson attempted another time, but Psaki said, “I believe that answers your question.”

“Once again, I’ve provided an answer to your query. If you have any question, please let me know and I will gladly address it. If you don’t comply, I’ll go on to the next person,” Psaki continued after Nelson persisted in his refusal.

Psaki did not, in fact, respond to the specific issue that Nelson had posed, but she looked to be arguing that the facts she had presented made the question irrelevant in any case.

When Psaki criticized the concept of sending tests to people’s homes in America in December, Biden responded by telling ABC’s David Muir that he “wished I had thought about ordering” 500 million tests “two months earlier.”

“I’m unhappy that I wasn’t able to receive the answers I was looking for there, but I’ll go on to another,” Nelson said.

“Excellent,” Psaki said as Nelson went on.

‘The second issue is that, as President Biden’s first year comes to a conclusion, the data reveals that he spent about a quarter of his days, at least in part, in Delaware, which raises an interesting point. As a result of this. Will the White House rethink its decision not to reveal visitor log information from President Barack Obama’s Delaware residences?” Nelson was the one who inquired.

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“In any case, the president travels to Delaware since it is his home state. It also serves as the burial ground for his son and his previous wife. In addition, it is a location that he clearly holds dear to his heart. “A lot of presidents go back to their hometowns when they are president,” Psaki said, perhaps in reaction to some other opponents who have expressed concern over the president’s travel. “A lot of presidents go back to their hometowns when they are president,” she said.

For the first time, the White House has made visitor records available to the public, going one step farther than the previous administration and many other administrations before it. “We’ll keep doing what we’re doing,” Psaki said.

Nelson attempted to continue, but Psaki interrupted him by stating, “Go ahead in the rear.” I believe we have completed our task and are ready to move on! “Go ahead and park in the rear.”




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