[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Puts Jen Psaki Through 6-Minutes Of Utter Humiliation

[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Puts Jen Psaki Through 6-Minutes Of Utter Humiliation

Jen Psaki is losing it.


And I don’t mean she’s going bonkers or losing control in the traditional way. That’s not her style and we’d likely never see that happen in public, although I have my suspicions that she’s a stark-raving loon behind closed doors.

But she’s losing control of the narrative. Gone is the snark, and the sass, and that little glint in her eyes.

She knows she’s defeated. She knows she’s lost. And right now, she’s just trying to tread water.

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Jen is no longer playing “Girl Boss” and being rude to Peter Doocy when he asks a hard question.

She’s now being coy and playing nicey-nicey with him – probably hoping that he’ll go easy on her – maybe show her some mercy.

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But if that was her hope, she was sadly mistaken.

Because just today, Peter Doocy unleashed his most savage tirade against Jenn, to date.

It was 6-minutes of total COVID humiliation for Little Red Lying Hood… and her “spin jobs” have fallen flat.



Here’s what people online are saying:

“I it when he called her out!!

“If you were her husband and you had to ask her if she cheated on you, given her daily job I’d just start packing my shit.”

“everything she said was how to get tested AFTER the surge started but they dropped the ball to have the tests BEFORE the surge hit. Especially back in Oct. when Biden declined to buy more tests.”

“Let her have it, Peter! Way to represent. Thank you.”

“Thank God we have Peter Doocy”

“Poor Jen – almost feel sorry for her….not.”

“Peppermint Patty Needs To Circle Back !! #BidenSucks #LetsGoBrandon”

Jen can’t circle back. She has nowhere to go anymore.

When the narrative crumbles and you’re the butt of your own joke, you’ve got nothing left.


I am sure Jen is counting the days until this hell is over and she’s outta there.

Don’t worry Jen, we’re counting the days until you’re gone, as well.

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