[VIDEO] Psaki Might’ve Just Spilled the Beans With This Big “Freudian Slip” On “The View”

[VIDEO] Psaki Might’ve Just Spilled the Beans With This Big “Freudian Slip” On “The View”

We all know that Joe Biden isn’t calling the shots.


The guy is getting “shots” of God knows what, but he’s certainly not calling them.

Most people will agree that the big puppet master is Obama. And that makes sense… after all, Hillary was supposed to be his “3rd term” but President Trump ruined that.

Trump also ruined Biden’s chance, but Obama had a “Plan B” this time, didn’t he?

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But don’t be fooled – Obama never wanted Joe. He wanted Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, or at the very least Kamala.

But things didn’t work out in his favor, and all his favorites dropped out, and it came down to either Bernie or Joe… Nobody on earth would believe Bernie “won” 81-million legal votes, so they went with Biden… and it’s been a complete and total disaster almost since day one.

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And the question about who the “real” president is has lingered since bumbling Joe took over, and now it looks like Jen Psaki may have finally answered the question with her Freudian slip during an appearance on The View.



Here’s what people online are saying:

“If there were any doubts…

Obama is president. He can fuck up the country and save face while blaming O’Biden.
There’s always a plan and Biden is the scapegoat.”

“Speculation confirmed. Barry just needed a puppet”

“Shadow Presidency. #Treason”

“Whoops. But we knew this.”

“President Obama?? 🤔🤣🤣🤡

“In case you were wondering who’s really giving the orders…”

“The truth slips out!”

“Cats out of the bag now.”


Yep, looks like Jen just accidentally let the cat escape outta the bag…

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