[VIDEO] Fauci Goes Viral After His Plan to “Takedown” Rand Goes Blows Up In His Face

[VIDEO] Fauci Goes Viral After His Plan to “Takedown” Rand Goes Blows Up In His Face

Dr. Fauci can’t catch a break.


And the reason he can’t catch a break is because all his lies and scheming is catching up to him, thanks in large part to Dr. Rand Paul, who has hammered Fauci and his failed polices like a rusty nail for months now.

Project Veritas and the GOP released never-before-seen documents that show Fauci lied to Congress about his involvement in “Gain of Function,” and even did some “coverup work” as well.


What is Fauci hiding and why is he so tied to the Chinese and that damn lab?

Well, that’s what Rand Paul wanted to know yesterday, when Dr. Frankenstein Fauci appeared before the Senate. As usual, the two of them clashed, and Rand Paul, as usual, got the best of the little worm.

Fauci’s primary focus was Rand Paul using Fauci’s name and image to “fundraise” on his website, with a big “FIRE FAUCI” ad.

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Here’s what Fauci said: “Go to Rand Paul’s website, and you see ‘Fire Dr. Fauci’ with a little box that says, ‘contribute here,’” Fauci said. “You can do $5, $10, $20, $100. So you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain.”

You can watch the video below:

And Rand Paul had a brutal response, that left Fauci floored:

Fauci thought he was getting the best of Rand, by holding up a print-out of the ad “FIRE FAUCI.”

But it blew up in his face big time, as Rand, and the rest of the internet roasted him mercilessly.


This is the viral tweet Dr. Rand Paul put out yesterday, after the Senate hearing.

It’s hilarious!

Here’s what Rand said: “Dr. Fauci and I finally agreed on something in our Senate hearing today”

Here are comments from folks online:

“You’re a sick little man, Fauci.” 

“Rand Paul has done to Fauci what Trump did to Pelosi lol” 

“Does Fauci realize how hilarious this looks, or no?” 

“Who had Fauci pushing to fire Fauci on their BINGO card?

“Fauci holding up a sign to fire himself is the biggest and best self own on the planet” 

“Rand Paul has really rattled this ghoul” 

“The pressure is getting to Fauci, keep it up, push harder” 

“Senator Paul has Fauci right where he want him.”

“Hey, I just sent Rand Paul 100 bucks with a message FIRE FAUCI lol” 

“Fauci is so arrogant, he acts like Rand is saying fire science. No. he saying fire a worthless government leech” 

“Dr. Fraudci is looking a little crazy lol” 

“Elites really, really, really hate to be mocked”  

Dr. Fauci, like most elites, lacks self-awareness. He’s so narcissistic – remember, this is the guy who called himself the embodiment of all things SCIENCE – that he doesn’t realize what people really think of him.


Fauci has been living and working in an elitist blue bubble, and unfortunately for him, it’s getting popped.

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