Navy Seal Rob O’Neill Posts 6 Pictures That Totally Destroys Dems “Jan 6” Agenda

Navy Seal Rob O’Neill Posts 6 Pictures That Totally Destroys Dems “Jan 6” Agenda

Rob O’Neill is the former Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden.


The man is a patriot, and a warrior and if anyone knows what’s up with our government and the sneaky things they do, it’s him.

Rob has been all over this January 6th issue and warning Americans about what the Dems are doing to grab more power.

And he’s right. This is about power. Just like COVID, you create a crisis and fear and whip everyone up into a frenzy, and then start implementing “rules” and “regulations” designed to keep everyone “safe,” and little by little they’ve taken over everything.

The Dems latest plot appears to be convincing all of America that “white supremacist” Trump supporters are the greatest threat to the nation and they are domestic terrorists who want to destroy Nancy’s stapler.

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This couldn’t be further from the truth. January 6th was a protest that got out of control, and the only person who was killed inside the Capitol was an unarmed female Trump supporter.

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Of course, I believe Nancy Pelosi wanted it to be a lot worse. Unfortunately for her, Trump supporters are not violent people, like her supporters are.

And speaking of that… that’s exactly the point Rob O’Neill made with his tweet that went viral.

Rob posted 6 photos of burning fires and riots… and here’s what Rob said in his mega-viral tweet: “Man, they sure did a number on our Capitol. Oh, wait. These are pictures of Marxist Anarchists destroying our cities.”

And this, folks, is the fundamental problem with the left’s plot.


They didn’t have a “violent riot” on their hands at the Capitol.

Nobody was armed, and nothing was burned.

What happened on January 6th was exactly what the bulk of American people say it was: a 2-hour protest that got out of hand.

And the reason Americans say that is because they KNOW what a REAL violent riot looks like…

We watched left-wing riots on TV for 3 months straight, while Democrats ignored them or called them “protests” and cheered everyone on.

We haven’t forgotten…

And we watched while Kamala and Joe Biden’s staff begged for bail money for the rioters “protesters” so they could go right back on the streets and keep burning down American small businesses and stores.

We also remember that over 20 people lost their lives during the left’s “Summer of Love” violent riots.


So, yes, we know what a violent and deadly RIOT is Nancy, thanks to you and your supporters… and what happened on January 6th was NOT that.

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