Ron DeSantis Wants Answers From Biden Administration Over Shutdown Of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Ron DeSantis Wants Answers From Biden Administration Over Shutdown Of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Ron DeSantis of Florida wants the Biden administration to overturn its judgment on Regeneron and Eli Lilly monoclonal antibody therapeutic emergency use authorisation.

Floridians and Americans would be denied access to “lifesaving therapies” because of the “abrupt and unilateral action” taken Monday night, Gov. DeSantis said in a statement Tuesday.

There is “no clinical research to justify this action,” according to DeSantis, and “skilled medical practitioners are forced to choose between treating their patients or disobeying the law.”

According to him, the directive “will cost some Americans their lives” since it removes medical experts’ authority over treatment. As a result of Joe Biden’s medical authoritarianism, the care of American citizens is now at the mercy of an incompetent president.

There is no evidence to support the FDA’s claim that these medicines are ineffective for COVID’s omicron form, which the CDC thinks accounts for 99 percent of current cases. In an effort to avoid negative effects from medicines the FDA judges to be ineffective, the agency has taken this step.

When patients in particular geographic locations are expected to be infected or exposed to a variation that is sensitive to these medicines, use of these treatments may be permitted in these places,” according to the FDA’s statement.

According to an HHS spokesperson, DeSantis is more interested in marketing drugs that do not work than in persuading people to take immunizations that do, according to

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According to DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw, HHS was incorrect in their portrayal of the situation.

Because the majority of monoclonal antibody patients, like most Floridians, are vaccinated, why doesn’t the HHS spokesman get it? She sent a message via Twitter.

On Tuesday, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked to respond to DeSantis’ comments at the White House, and she did so.

She started by saying, “Let’s just take a step back here and grasp how ridiculous this is. According to Psaki, “the experts claim” that monoclonal antibodies don’t function against omicron, which is why the federal government has given Florida with a variety of therapies.

She accused state authorities in Florida of “continually supporting therapies that don’t work.

As a result, Psaki said, “pushes” have been made for ineffective treatments on social media as well as from the mouths of elected officials. These things include “putting disinfectant in your body,” “promoting other pseudoscience,” “raising doubt about the effectiveness of vaccines, and now promoting treatments that don’t work,” she said.

“We already know what works. Vaccines and booster shots “”She said.” “We have a lot of things that work, and we’re giving them to Florida.”

Even the CEO of Pfizer agrees that the vaccines are mostly ineffective against omicron, which is based on data from all over the world.




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