[VIDEO] Russian Chess Grandmaster Refuses to Wear Mask… is Kicked out of World Championships

[VIDEO] Russian Chess Grandmaster Refuses to Wear Mask… is Kicked out of World Championships

Well folks, we have another hero who is risking everything and standing up for freedom.


And this time, it’s a chess grandmaster.

Russian chess grandmaster Daniil Dubov has refused to continue with the Tata Steel Chess tournament after officials demanded he wear a face mask.

Dubov said he won’t wear a mask “based on principle.”

Newswep reported that Russian grandmaster Daniil Dubov refused to play in a mask against Anish Giri at the Tata Steel Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands and did not show up for the match, reported on the official website of the tournament.

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The organizers asked the 25-year-old Dubov to wear a mask for the match of the 7th round with Anish Giri, since the coronavirus was detected in the Russian’s inner circle.

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Dubov did not show up for the match, he was credited with defeat.

“Dubov indicated that he basically refuses to play in a mask. The result of a rapid test for coronavirus in Dubov was negative, he also passed a PCR test, the result of which, most likely, will be in the evening, ”the message says.

Dubov after six rounds scored 2.5 points in the tournament. In total, 14 grandmasters participate in the tournament, including Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, who play in a round robin system.

Dubov is the world champion in rapid chess (2018).



Good for him.

It’s nice to see people who have a lot to lose, taking a stand for freedom publicly.


Moves like this – no pun intended – help other people to feel emboldened to stand up for themselves as well.

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