[VIDEO] NY Science Teacher Arrested for Injecting COVID Vaccine Into Minor Without Parental Consent

[VIDEO] NY Science Teacher Arrested for Injecting COVID Vaccine Into Minor Without Parental Consent

If this were my kid, I’d be blowing 500 gaskets right about now and lawyering up so I own the school when this was all said and done.


So what happened?

Well, a science teacher reportedly injected a student with the COVID vaccine, without the parent’s consent.

My biggest question in all of this, is where did this teacher get the vaccine?

How do we even know it was the vaccine?

The Hill reported that New York police arrested a Long Island teacher accused of forcefully injecting a student with a COVID-19 vaccine on New Year’s Eve.

Laura Russo, 54, was arrested last Friday at her home, Nassau County police said in a statement on Monday. She is charged with the unauthorized practice of a profession.

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Russo was released from jail and has a court appearance on Jan. 21.

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According to the police report, Russo, who is not a registered medical professional, injected the vaccine into a 17-year-old male at her residence when she was not authorized by the parent of the teenager to administer it.

The youth went home and told his mother he was vaccinated. The mother then notified police.

Russo, a biology teacher with Herricks Public Schools in New Hyde Park, was removed from the classroom and reassigned, the school district reported to local news outlets.

The teacher appears to have administered the vaccine to the teenager after he asked for the injection, according to police and a video obtained by NBC New York.

Russo’s son is friends with the teenager, and when the two were at Russo’s home, the teenager reported that his mother didn’t want him to get vaccinated just yet, so Russo gave it to him, police officials told NBC New York.


“There you go, at-home vaccine,” the teenager said in the video after he was vaccinated.


Don’t forget there’s a catch here – the J&J vaccine, which is reportedly what she administered, is only approved for patients age 18 and over, so, this teacher will be facing-down that as well.


And once they dig down and get into how she actually got the vaccine, that will also likely result in criminal charges and/or civil litigation.

What a mess. The audacity of this woman to do that to someone else’s child is shocking to me but typical of this Mass Formation Psychosis that is sweeping the nation.

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