John Lennon’s Son Just Exposed The Dark Side of “WOKE Culture” With One Short, But Brilliant Tweet

John Lennon’s Son Just Exposed The Dark Side of “WOKE Culture” With One Short, But Brilliant Tweet

I think John Lennon would be proud of his son Sean.


Yes, I know John was a liberal hippy, but he was a true rebel, who thought he was fighting against the establishment, and giving the finger to the authorities and the government.

And while Sean may not be going quite that far, he is calling out the left’s woke culture and speaking out about how liberals are snuffing out freedom of speech, and replacing it with “thought control.”

He’s been doing this for a while now, and he’s making a difference, and that’s why I think his father would be proud of him, even though his son is now “battling the left.”

Let’s face it, the Democrat Party today is nothing like the party of the 60s and 70s. Today, Democrats are openly in bed with corporations. They literally are “the man” now. It’s quite a turnabout.

And Lennon’s son Sean has never been on board with that.

He’s definitely not “woke.”

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And speaking of that, he actually just destroyed the entire “woke idea” and revealed the very dark side of this Marxist-like culture with one sort, but brilliant tweet.

Here’s what Sean said: “To be truly woke you have to believe that two wrongs can make a right.”

That’s so true. And I never thought of it that way, but Sean is onto something.

We’re brought up to learn that two wrongs don’t make a right, but if you are a tried and true WOKE person, you must believe the opposite of that tradition. Because being “woke” is all about casting aside tradition and embracing progressive ideology.

So, now, two wrongs can indeed make a “right.”


And that’s just further proof of how far off track we’ve gotten, and how we MUST turn this ship around and get back to God and tradition.

I saw this tweet too, and I thought it really played into this story quite well:

“This country is about to make a hard right turn. The left has no idea what’s coming.”


I pray John is right. It’s time for America to get back to her roots of patriotism, family, and church.

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