Stacey Abrams Just Accidentally Proved to The Entire Country How Unpopular and Toxic Joe Biden Truly is

Stacey Abrams Just Accidentally Proved to The Entire Country How Unpopular and Toxic Joe Biden Truly is

In case you’re wondering how unpopular Joe Biden is, look no further than Stacey Abrams.


That’s right the honorary “Governor” of Georgia, just inadvertently showed the entire country how unpopular Joe Biden truly is by her latest move.

By now, we all know that Joe Biden’s polls are in the crapper, right?

He’s got no “bottom” in terms of unpopularity because he just keeps falling.

This is quite shocking, because “mathematically speaking” that would be virtually impossible if he actually had a base of 81-million legal voters. Having that many voters would pad your fall. It would take a helluva lot longer to hit those low, low marks in the polls, and there would definitely be a bottom. Those 81-million would work as a padding for Joe.

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But those voters are not “legal” and most are probably not real, so he’s sinking faster than a rock.

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But how bad is it for ol’ Joe?

Well, Stacey just told us how bad it is and she didn’t even have to say a word.

Everyone knows that Stacey Abrams’ key issue is “voting rights,” because she believes they robbed her of the governor’s office in Georgia. That’s why she’s been running around the country disavowing the 2o18 election, and claiming she’s the “real governor” of GA.

That’s how PASSIONATE she is about so-called “voting rights.”

So, you’d think she be front-and-center at any event talking about voting rights, yes?

Well, sure, except if that event involves Joe Biden.

In that case, Stacey Abrams will say, “Oh, um, err, uh, I’m busy that day…. yeah, that’s the ticket!! I’m busy!!”

Stacey’s move shocked Republican communications guy Matt Whitlock, as it did all of us who saw it.


Here’s what he said: “Still can’t get over this. How toxic does Biden have to be for Stacey Abrams to be like “ah sorry I have other plans” for an event about her *signature issue*”

That is how toxic and unpopular Joe Biden is… people don’t want to be seen in public with him.

So, you can just imagine how bad his polls really are.


He’s not at 36-41 percent approval. Now way. It’s worse than that. I’d say he’s at about 24 percent approval, tops.

And that’s only because that 24 percent is probably the actual “base” he has… these are people who will stick with a Democrat no matter what – even if it was Charles Manson.

If you want to know the truth about Biden, don’t listen to the fake news or politicians, just watch what’s happening around you. People’s actions always speak louder than their words.

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