Poll Results: Americans Do Not Trust The Media, Courts Or Congress!

Poll Results: Americans Do Not Trust The Media, Courts Or Congress!

According to the results of a recent study, Americans have a negative impression of the ethics and honesty of persons who work primarily in the media and politics.

Gallup’s study released on Wednesday found that five of the 22 professions analyzed had reached “new lows in public reputation,” with substantial declines in favorability compared to previous yearly surveys conducted.

According to Gallup statistics, television reporters, for example, have seen their “ethics rating” — the percentage of people who believe they are “very” ethical and honest – decrease from 23 percent to 14 percent. There has also been a decline in the public’s opinion of judges’ ethical standards, which has dropped five percentage points to 38 percent.

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As the survey points out, “Americans are most distrustful of the ethics of elected officials,” especially at the federal level, as well as of the media.

Reporters, members of Congress (both House and Senate), and members of the media get the lowest ratings in the survey. Newspaper reporters had the highest ratings out of all of these categories, with 39 percent of respondents believing they are honest and ethical in their reporting.

Although this is a modest percentage, it is far greater than the perception of members of Congress (9 percent) and lobbyists (5 percent ). Car salesmen, like members of Congress and members of the media, have ratings below 10 points, with just 8 percent of respondents considering their job to be dependable.

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Nurses continue to dominate Gallup’s Honesty and Ethics Poll, as they have for the last 20 years, with more than 80 percent of respondents stating that they believe the profession is honest and ethical. Over six in ten Americans think highly of persons in the professions of doctors, military officials, pharmacists, and teachers, according to the survey.

In the perceptions of a number of professions, notably the media, political affiliation had a factor in certain ways. When asked whether TV reporters had strong ethical standards, just 6 percent of Republicans responded positively, compared to 24 percent of Democrats. In the case of police officers, the most significant difference in perceptions is based on political affiliation, with 71 percent of Republicans or right-leaning respondents viewing the profession as highly honest and ethical, compared to only 36 percent of Democrats or left-leaning respondents who believe the same.

Do you think these numbers are too low or spot on? Share your analysis of this news in the comment section below.



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