Ted Cruz Pulled a Brilliant “Fast One” On Dems Just 6.5 Hours After Their Filibuster Frenzy

Ted Cruz Pulled a Brilliant “Fast One” On Dems Just 6.5 Hours After Their Filibuster Frenzy

Yesterday was a bad day for Joe Biden and the radical left.

Biden’s attempt to nuke the filibuster failed miserably after Sinema and Manchin bother vowed not to support it.


That was basically the last dying breath Biden’s radical “voting rights” bill had left to make it into law.

Now, it’s toast. 

Biden was looking to federalize elections. That way the left can keep on cough, cough “winning” cough, cough with their ballot harvesting scam that worked so well for them in 2020.

And as you can imagine, the radicals were out full-force, pushing to end the filibuster, so Joe could then scrounge up the votes to pass his communist election bill.

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So, while Joe’s attempt to blow up the Senate by erasing the filibuster fell flat, Ted Cruz was waiting in the wings to pull a downright brilliant “fast one” on Dems.

Just six hours after the filibuster vote, Ted Cruz introduced his bill to impose sanctions on Putin for his Nord Stream pipeline…

And what happened to that bill, you might ask?

Well, Dems shot it down USING THE FILIBUSTER. 

And Ted caught them using it to save Putin, of all people.

Good grief, you can’t make this stuff up, can you?


“And 6.5 hours after the vote began, a GOP bill to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has FAILED, 55-44, needing 60 to pass.”

That’s right, the evil, racist, domestic terrorist filibuster that Dems have been warning us all about, they used just 6.5 hours after they voted to abolish it… and we got to witness this madness, all thanks to Ted Cruz, who made this brilliant move very purposefully.

Ted plotted this move out like a brilliant general during a heated battle.

Red State reported that literally hours after the Democrats embarked on a major offensive to abolish the filibuster as a tool of racists everywhere, they then…used the filibuster. They didn’t just block any bill either. They did Russia’s Vladimir Putin a solid by blocking Ted Cruz’s bill to sanction the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

You couldn’t have scripted this any better, and I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz knew exactly what he was doing here. He timed things perfectly to once again show what rabid hypocrites the Democrats are. That the bill was stopped also represented a massive win for the Russians was just the cherry-on-top. The White House actually spent the last week lobbying for Putin in this case.

But remember, it’s Republicans who are soft on Russia. Meanwhile, Biden and his party continue to bend the knee, going so far as to green-light Germany making itself energy dependent on the very country that NATO exists to protect it from. Truly, yesterday was a banner day in exposing the Democrats for exactly what they are on essentially all major fronts. Throw in the prior day’s inflation report, and this has easily been the worst week of Biden’s presidency, and that’s saying something considering what happened in Afghanistan.


Perfect timing, perfect message, perfect slam-dunk against the communists.

Well done, Mr. Cruz.

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