Ted Cruz Gives Peter Doocy One Heck of a “Comeback” to Biden’s “Son of a B*tch” Remark

Ted Cruz Gives Peter Doocy One Heck of a “Comeback” to Biden’s “Son of a B*tch” Remark

As you likely know by now, Joe Biden is a deranged old madman.


He can’t control his anger, he’s always yelling at the American people, and now he’s making rude, nasty, and vulgar comments to reporters who ask him tough questions.

The old codger is completely and totally out of control and getting worse by the day.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Biden’s latest “gaffe”? That’s what most in the media are calling it. a “gaffe.” They claim he got caught on a hot mic, calling Peter Doocy a “son of a bitch” when he asked him a tough question about inflation.

MORE NEWS: VIDEO: CNN Throws Biden Under the Bus on Doocy “S.O.B” Remark, Claims Joe KNEW His Mic Was ON

He wasn’t caught on a hot mic. Joe knew exactly what he was doing, and he didn’t care who heard it.

Joe has lost his “filter” in that mushy confused brain of his.

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Well, Ted Cruz heard about it, and he has some advice for Peter on how to handle Joe Biden after that comment.

It all started when Human Events editor Jack Posbiec suggested Peter should offer to buy Joe a “margarita.”

A sarcastic riff on Jen Psaki’s comment about “frustrated Americans,” who should drink a margarita and kick-box to relax.



Well, that’s where Ted came in.

He suggested Peter treat Joe to a “pleasant” round of Kick-boxing.



Here’ what Ted said: “Or a pleasant round of kick-boxing.”

Of course, clueless liberals didn’t get the “joke” and thought Ted was inciting actual violence against Biden.

They came unglued at the seams.

“@FBI @DOJPH, is @tedcruz who is a sitting member of Congress, threatening the President of the United States?”

“Ted encourages violence against Pres! Poor move”

“This does not surprise me a bit. You would think it’s acceptable for 34yr old Doocy kickboxing 79yr old Biden. You lack the spine to defend your own wife yet you think its ok for a 34yr old man kickboxing a 79yr old Like I said. It does not surprise me. You’re a spineless toad”

“Look at this performative piece of shit. A sitting U. S. senator advocating violence against the president. Utterly pathetic it par for this cowardly eunuch.”


Liberals are utterly useless, they know nothing about what their own “people” say and do, and they have zero sense of humor, to boot.

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