[VIDEO] Ted Cruz May Have Just Destroyed His Entire Political Career With One Bonehead Move

[VIDEO] Ted Cruz May Have Just Destroyed His Entire Political Career With One Bonehead Move

Ted Cruz, who ingratiated himself back into the MAGA movement, after behaving like the sorest loser in town, has just found himself on the outs again after he made a big bonehead move.


While speaking about January 6th, Ted Cruz adopted the same exact tone and narrative the left has been pushing, complete with calling the folks who were at the Capitol “terrorists.”

What on earth was Ted thinking?

Nobody at the Capitol was charged with terrorism.

Nobody at the Capitol was charged with insurrection.

Ted now sounds like Merrick Garland, not a conservative fighter.

Merrick held a “moment of silence” for January 6th police officers.

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Note: no police officer died because of January 6th.

This is political theatre and Ted’s a star in the show.

Watch Merrick’s comments:

Ted called MAGA patriots “terrorists” to appease the left and validate the committee and their attacks on MAGA and President Trump. This was one of the most underhanded and low blows in politics.

Does THIS look like “terrorism” to you?


Ted Cruz called those people “terrorists.”

It’s unthinkable and I don’t know how he recovers from this because he sounds like he’s working with the Democrats right now and that’s unforgiveable.



Here’s what people online had to say:

“What a complete disgrace…traitor”

“@Tedcruz is solid and one of us. But for the life of me I don’t understand why he did this. I really can’t think of a good reason, and I am trying to be charitable.”

“…..aaaaaand that should just about do it for Ted’s political career. Hasta lasagna, it was mildly interesting, Ted”

“I supported @SenTedCruz prior to DJT, wow, how wrong I was.”

“Ted Cruz is dead to me”

“Once a snake, always a snake”

“He’s literally helping the Democrats right now. This was planned”

“What a snake in the grass it’s funny how in the end you see who the enemy is one by one !!!”

“This wasn’t an accident. He said that on purpose. He’s working behind the scenes against us”

“I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Ted for a long time….this seals it. Unless he has something up his sleeve for tomorrow that changes my mind.”

“He might have killed his political career with this.”

“He’s done. I’m sorry, I can forgive a lot, but not this. This is too much”

“I am sitting here trying to figure out why Ted Cruz just destroyed his career”

“Done with Ted. Good riddance to this snake”

“He was asked to say that and he said it. What does that tell you?”

Tucker Carlson wasted no time going after Ted, and calling him out.


Richard Grenell had a message for all the “Teds” in the GOP right now:

Human Events editor-in-chief Jack Posobiec also let Ted have it with this snarky comment:

Ted made a huge mistake today. But more than a “mistake,” it was a stab in the back.


What he should have done was speak about Ashli Babbit, and how her life mattered, and then talk about all the questions surrounding the FBI, Pelosi, and Mayor Bowser.

But he didn’t do any of that.

Instead, he called thousands of decent people and patriots “terrorists” and sounded just like a Democrat.

I’m sure Pelosi was proud of him.

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