Trump Supporters Have Interesting Point of View On Ted Cruz’s Apology

Trump Supporters Have Interesting Point of View On Ted Cruz’s Apology

Ted Cruz made a huge mistake. He peddled leftist talking points about January 6th and called Trump supporters at the Capitol “terrorists.”


And he got backlash – good lord, did he ever get backlash.

It was so bad, that Ted had to go on Tucker Carlson’s show and explain himself.

His excuse was lame and most people didn’t buy it. He said he was calling the people who fought with cops “terrorists,” not anyone else.

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But that’s not what he said… and Ted is a wordsmith, nobody can sling words around like him. He’s probably the smartest guy in all of DC.

Tucker was hard on him, and rightfully so.

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Ted fumbled and was flustered – something you don’t see a lot.


Here’s the interview with Tucker and Ted:

I thought that most Trump supporters would write Ted off, and call him a traitor and be done with him – and I wouldn’t have blamed them – but that’s not the smartest move.

When you have a wounded politician who feels vulnerable and has to “make amends” you don’t cast them aside… You allow them to stay in the fold and pay their penance because that’s helps YOUR cause.

And that’s pretty much what most Trump supporters said after they watched the interview:

“Good to see politicians bend the knee”

“He deserves the dragging, & I don’t buy his explanation. Note that he admitted to contacting Tucker during his show last night to ask for a chance to explain. He realized he messed up, & hopefully we’ll see something positive from him as he attempts to make up for his gaffe.”

“I still don’t trust him but it’s good to see him humble himself, show up on Tucker and face all the smoke. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for him.”

“He’s efd, he is now for the first time In his political career having to.feel the wrath of 80 million plus people and now he has to fix it, and that will be good for us” 

“His groveling was good to see and I give Ted credit for showing up, now let’s see some action from him.” 

“Let’s use this to our advantage. Don’t drag him, ask him what he’s gonna now about J6 prisoners and Ray Epps” 

“Credit for showing and acknowledging the gaffe. Explanation was clever but fell short. May result in some positive activity from him, in an attempt to prove he doesn’t think Jan. 6 folks are terrorists (note the Ray Epps query from Tucker).”

“Some of the damage mitigated. Actions going forward will tell the tale”

A wounded politician is the best politician…they’re vulnerable and will do our bidding now.” 

So, that’s the consensus. Ted needs to show the base that he’s sorry, by getting more involved.


And if he does that, he’ll be forgiven. We won’t forget, and he’ll never be trusted like he was before, but he’ll be forgiven.

If not, he’s done.

So, it’s not over yet, Ted. We’re all watching and waiting.

Your move…

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